Which cars could be earning you money?

Purchasing a new car is generally seen as a pretty lousy investment. The moment you drive it off the lot you will often lose thousands of dollars. However, as with anything, there are some exceptions to this rule. There are a handful of modern cars that have steadily held their value or even increased as they aged. 


1) 2004 Ford GT

In 1966 Henry Ford made a promise to beat Ferrari at the 24hrs of Le Mans, the greatest endurance race of all time. He created the iconic Ford GT40 to do just that. After finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall in 1966 and 1967 the Ford GT40 was retired. In 2004 to celebrate Ford's 100th birthday they decided to recreate the legendary Le Mans winning race car. At the time, the Ford GT sold for just $139,995 MSRP. Today, this piece of automotive history is worth upwards of $250,000 with some models in excellent condition going for $345,000! That is a 146% profit in just over 12 years. Not a bad investment by any standards! 

2004 Ford GT
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marco_ely/498386407/in/photolist-L3mUP-L3mUX-L3mV6-L3mV2-L3mUT-6jYERq-bb63rF-deKb5L-deKdcA-aYstu6-aSP2fi-L3mUK-7hRCrK-deKeMx-deKfVG-deKcjs-DsBqa3-b1aCqF-9AT7gW-bKg78Z-egt1zq-egnfq6-deKcAZ-BLZ3k-deKh9H

2004 Ford GT 

2) 2012 Porsche GT3RS 4.0

The Porsche 911 is the true definition of a sports car. It is a sleek, rear-engined, sporty piece of German engineering. The GT3 is the sportier, more track oriented big brother of the Porsche 911. The GT3RS 4.0 is the crazy drunk uncle of the 911 who starts fights at the yearly family reunion. It has bigger brakes, nearly 100hp more than the GT3, roll cage, fire extinguisher, and a massive rear wing to keep it planted to the ground. The GT3RS is also is the last of the Porsche's with a proper 6 speed manual transmission which will be sought after by collectors in the future. Originally, this car sold for $185,950 but it is now going for upwards of $350,000 and the value is continuing to climb. That is an 88% profit in 4 years! And if Porsche continues to no longer offer a 6-speed manual transmission, the price of the GT3RS will continue to climb. 

2012 Porsche GT3RS 4.0
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/68127015@N02/

2012 Porsche GT3RS 4.0 

3) 93-98 Toyota Supra MKIV

There aren't many cars in history that are as capable, good looking, and affordable as the Toyota Supra. The inline six 2JZ engine that came standard in the Supra is one of the most reliable engines out there, easily capable of 700+hp. Because they are so cheap to upgrade and maintain, the value of the Supra has stayed consistent over the last 20 years. The starting price of the MKIV Supra was between $30,000-36000 and they are currently selling for around $25,000-32000. Its bulletproof engine and timeless design means that the value will continue to climb in the future as car enthusiasts continue to scoop these up before the price skyrockets! 

Toyota Supra MKIV
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/boostsamurai/

Toyota Supra MKIV

4) Ferrari F40

In the late 1980s, the Ferrari F40 was the standard by which all other cars were measured. In terms of looks, performance, and 1980's pop-up headlights--nothing else compares. It was the car that every kid had a poster of on their wall.  The original MSRP was $399,995 in 1987 and has since risen to well over $750,000 with some best condition models going for $1.5 million! Experts predict that the price will continue to climb as this car is one of the last ever truly analog supercars ever made. 

Ferrari F40
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eddy_clio/

Ferrari F40 

2015 Ford Mustang GT350R

The Mustang GT350 is the track-focused Mustang that packs a serious punch. Under the hood is a flat crank 5.2 liter V8 with an independent rear suspension and close to 500 horsepower. The GT350R throws out all of the extra components that the regular 350 has in an effort to save weight--it is about as stripped-down as a street legal car can get. This means no air conditioning, no stereo, no rear seats, no spare tire and carbon fire wheels. All the weight saving sacrifices means it is 130lbs lighter and is an absolutely bonkers track machine. The GT350R starts at $67,000MSRP but will undoubtedly be heavily marked up by dealers. The uncompromised focus on performance and aggressive styling means that this car will only continue to appreciate in value. Many forecasts expect the GT350R to be worth $80-90k by 2018. 

Ford Mustang GT350R
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyshek/

Blue Mustang GT350R