Many people who achieved a Bachelor’s or Master's degree strongly consider getting their PhD. A PhD represents not just professionalism, but specific expertise in a certain area of study. A PhD allows individuals to earn more money than a person with a Master's degree or other type of advanced degrees.

Achieving a PhD involves numerous major hurdles. These include monetary challenges, time management issues and tedious research that is required. Financially, a PhD could run someone tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, individuals usually choose not to work while acquiring their PhD. This causes even more financial strain on themselves. Let alone, they still may have to take care of a family or cater to a relationship, which can easily cut into their study time. 

The other major obstacle that many individuals have is; which PhD does one attempt to attain? Many people look towards psychology, sociology, bio-med or specific legal programs. All of these can earn an individual a decent amount of money, but which one can earn you the most?

Astonishingly, the answer is Geology. Geology may seem obscure to some, but you can rake in big bucks with a PhD in this field. Geologists typically work in the oil and gas or mining industries. Many corporations will pay some geologists gargantuan salaries to guide them into the right direction. Suppose you owned a gold mining company. Wouldn't you hire the best geologist to point you in the right direction of where to biggest gold deposits may be? Let's say you owned an oil company, wouldn’t you want to know which oil fields hold the lowest overall risk? 

geologistCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Geologists are utilized to help discover deposits of diamonds, platinum, copper, iron ore, gold, uranium, copper, zinc, and many other minerals and resources. These are industries that are perpetually growing as the world gradually demands more of these products. 

So, if you are interested in getting your PhD, you should definitely take a look at the geology industry. It is an industry that earns an estimated six hundred billion dollars a year and many geologists claim to have net worth’s between five and one hundred million dollars. 


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