If you are someone who loves plants and perhaps has many houseplants in your home, then it's understandable that you would like to have a few at work if you happen to work in an office environment.

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Assuming you have flourescent lighting in your office, you may be able to have some common houseplants on your desk, however it's always preferable to have natural sunlight filtering into your work area. Let's look at some types of plants that would work well in an office.

Some plants that you may already have in your home that would do fairly well in your office include : philadendrons, aloe vera, draceana, spider plants, english ivy, wandering jew bamboo, ferns, african violets and more.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera plants are semi-tropical succulents that resemble cactus but are not in the cactus species of plants. They are known for their beneficial gel inside that is good for soothing sunburn. Aloe Vera plants prefer full sun or light shade, frequent watering but you should let the soil dry out a little in between waterings.

African Violet plants have beautiful blooms in many colors from light to dark pink, purple, white and even yellow. These plants do fine in flourescent lighting but do not like direct sunlight unless for only one hour a day. These delicate plants tend to be a little fussy to changes in air circulation so try to keep the room temperature stable with good circulation. As for watering your African Violet, you can top water or bottom water but do not pour water directly on the leaves as this will cause leaf rot.

Draceana plants are ideal for beginners because they tolerate most types of light and can go seven to ten days in between waterings. Because the leaves are so wide, the leaves tend to collect dust so it is a good idea to gently wipe down the leaves from time to time.

Who hasn't seen a Spider Plant in an office before? These plants prefer a little moisture and should be rotated occasionally so it will grow evenly all the way around. Spider plants can tolerate full sun or shade but if the baby offshoots (plantlets) fail to develop then you will want to try more sun or less sun depending on what kind of light is causing stunted growth. You can propagate the offshoots which trail off the plant by snipping off the small plants and repotting them. If the leaves start turning brown, your plant may be either getting too much or not enough water.

Most houseplants are easy to care for and takes very little maintenance. With the right care and a little know-how, you can grow and keep beautiful plants in your office.It's important to make your office space, whether it's a small cubicle or it's a separate office, not only welcoming but as stress free as possible. Caring for plants is a great stress reliever and will make your office a more attractive and personal place to work.