The new technology that has been introduced over the last decade is amazing; everything has gone digital--even music. The magic of MPEG Layer-3 files has reduced the size of the digital files, and now instead of just listening to our favorite music on our home PCs, we are able to take it with us on our portable devices. These units have the capacity to hold hundreds and even thousands of songs and can travel anywhere you go. They are offered in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and formats. Deciding which one is best for you can be tough. If you have been shopping at stores like Dell Home and Apple Store Canada for a portable music player and are not sure which one to buy, take a look at some of the tips below to help you make a decision.

Size and Weight

There are hundreds of MP3 players on the market and they all have their own features. The size and the weight of the device can be a deciding factor; do you want to carry it in your pocket or do you need it to store more songs? The bulkier devices may be able to store more songs, so if you have a need for a larger song collection, go big. If you just need a basic playlist and want the convenience of the smaller device, go small.

The storage capacity of the MP3 players are available in storage space ranging from 64 megabytes to 60 gigabytes. The larger your music collection, the more space you need. Sixty-four Megabytes is enough to store about 12 to 15 songs and one Gigabyte can store about 250 songs. If you are planning on storing audio books, newsfeeds, podcasts or other programs that take up more space than an ordinary song, opt for a larger storage capacity.


There are a variety of MP3 players that offer LCD screens where you can choose your music and applications. The screens range from basic LCD panels to more sophisticated full color OLED displays. Some players will support picture storage, slideshows, video and more. If you want your music player to do more than just play songs, you might consider looking at the ones with the OLED screens and special features for images and video.

Battery Life

You can expect that the basic MP3 player's battery life is about eight hours and for the more advanced devices, you can get up to 20 hours of play time. In most cases, you can estimate that the more storage space the device offers, the more features it provides.

User Interface

A USB connection is required for you to upload songs to your device, but how the songs are manipulated once they are on the device is another story. You can find MP3 Players with scroll wheels, switches, buttons and even touch screens. It is best to have hands-on experience with the device and ensure that it is easy to navigate and offers the features you want and need.