There are a lot of different theories on how to clean marble floors. Asking several so called marble flooring experts like janitors or a salesperson for marble floors will give you different answers. One say you must use just water and vinegar, someone else suggest a simply all purpose cleaner.

So, what is true and what is not? Before tackling this problem it is important to understand that a natural stone needs to be treated somewhat different than other types of floors. Because of the minerals natural stone floors are very sensitive and can not cope with chemicals. Chemicals scratch and etch the floor and you do not want that with your floor. The result of acid eating your floor away is a pitted or dull looking floor.

A lot of home remedies suggest to use plain water. The problem with water is that it sometimes is treated with chemicals and contain salt. If you use this water on your floor you will find a residue from the chemical in the water and your floor does not shine like it supposed to.

Using an all purpose cleaner for a natural stone floor that has not been developed for marble floor cleaning is just dumb. Some people try this solution because it is cheap, the result: a scratched, damaged floor that looks dull.

It is important to know which chemicals you can use for a marble floor. For a daily use i would recommend a pH7 neutral cleaning product recommended for marble floors. This product is perfect for cleaning up spills from coffee or other drinks. Use this product in combination with a heavy duty cleaner specially for marble floors. This heavy duty cleaner needs to have a pH around 10 or 11 and is used for the heavy soil build up and stains you have forgot with the daily product. When you use this heavy duty solution you need to understand that cleaning afterwards is very important. The heavy duty cleaner can damage your floor if you forget to clean it up afterwards with water.

If nothing else worked you can use a stain remover. Stain remover contain certain chemicals that can be bad for your marble floor so be careful and again clean up afterwards with water and mop till it shines again.