The Roku is a small device that allows you to stream movies, tv shows, music, radio, and alot of other great entertainment straight to your television directly from the internet. Once Roku is setup, you do not need a computer to use it. it will automatically connect to your wireless internet network via your router.

There is no monthly fee for Roku and most of the 500+ and counting channels are completely free. Only some premium services like Netflix and Hulu require a monthly subscription.

Roku is the most advanced and energy efficient streaming player available today. It's the ultimate in streaming hundreds of hours of content directly to your TV with ease for a one time low price.

Which Roku Is Right For Me?

All three Roku streaming players are available for under $100 dollars, but each model has a different set of features.

Here's a basic breakdown of each model that is currently available.


Roku HD

Roku HDCredit: Roku HD streams all the regular 500+ channels at 720p HD (for channels that offer). It has built in wireless for easy connection to any wireless network and is extremely easy to setup. Although the HD version does not offer a game mode or bluetooth. But for under $60 dollars, it's a great price for a solid HD streaming player.


Roku 2 XD

Roku XDCredit: Roku 2 XD offers all the great features of the Roku HD but can also stream channels at 1080p HD for the channels that offer it. For a little more than $10 dollars more, its a great deal for the 1080p HD support.



Roku 2 XS

Roku XSCredit: Roku 2 XS comes in at just under $100 dollars but comes with all the features of the Roku HD and XD plus more. It comes with a more enhance bluetooth remote to support motion based games and services while streaming at 1080p HD where available. The XS model also features a USB port so you can view photos, movies or other media from a USB drive and a convenient ethernet port so you can connect directly wired to your internet service.