For many of us today, the water that s brought into our homes is too harsh for our taste, not to mention our pipes and appliances. The benefits of water softeners for our homes are unquestionable, but many people are worried about the maintenance and added sodium of traditional water softeners.

There are now some very reliable and effective salt free water softeners available on the market. Once one has made the decision to go to a salt free system, the question becomes which is the best salt free water softener for his or her budget?

Starting at $179, the Hardness Master Premium Whole House Electronic Hard Water Conditioner & Descaler System works by using low wattage oscillating electrical field to change the property of hardness minerals, so that they remain in solution and do not form scale in pipes and appliances.

The electrical field created by this system constantly changes in frequency and amplitude to affect the minerals in the water. The Hardness Master is said to be able to effectively condition source water containing up to 50 grains per gallon of the minerals that cause the hardness in one's water.

The SoftSorb Salt Free Water Softener works by a ceramic catalytic surface; this surface eliminates the need for salt regeneration as in the traditional type of water softener.

The SoftSorb Salt Free Water Softener's catalytic surface works to take the calcium out of solution; this means that the calcium minerals are heat resistant and are unable to attach to any surface. This system claims that once the old deposits are removed, a new protective layer is formed by the reaction of the

Nano surface of the calcium crystal and the metallic surface of the pipes and equipment. The cost of this system is approximately $1,295.

The Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener is another of the salt free water softeners which retails at approximately $1,295. This system comes with a pre filter that requires changing every six to nine months. This pre filter keeps sand and other sediment away from one's home.

What sets The Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener apart is that its technology can affect the water with only three seconds of contact, as opposed to the nine seconds required of similar systems.

Like most salt free water softeners, this system does not filter out any chemicals, as its purpose is to remove the hardness minerals from the water. Now that you have made the decision to go with a salt free water softener, it is just a matter of knowing which one will work the best for your home.

After reading the preceding reviews, you should have a good head start in your shopping for this type of water softener.

With a little bit of legwork and some background knowledge, you can soon be enjoying your refreshing and clean feeling water. Whichever salt free water softener you choose for your home, your family as well as your pipes and appliances will thank you for choosing to install it.