Sony Kindle - Sony Tablet S Tablet Computer

In a recent article I wrote here on InfoBarrel I detailed 3 Sony Kindle Readers Currently Available for Sale. In keeping with the theme of Sony Kindle eReaders, I thought I would expand on what I deem to be the best e-reading tablet computer that is great for virtually anyones entertainment needs. The Sony Tablet S is, simply put, an affordable tablet computer that rivals more popular tablets such as the iPad and the newly released Kindle Fire.

In it's most raw form, the Sony Tablet S does not take make risks with what it provides consumers. This product allows you to store music, movies, television shows, eBooks, and other document types on it's 16 gigabyte or 32 gigabyte harddrive (depending on the model) for your usage while you are on the run. For those interested in an eBook reader, I still highly recommend the Sony Tablet S because it offers you the ability to read your e-books in color and with a touch screen, yet still provides you more value for your dollar due to all of the other uses this product has.

The Sony Tablet S is also a great product because of it's incorporation of the Android Marketplace. This provides so much extra value to owning a tablet reader, because the Android market allows you to access a variety of free and paid applications that really make this "Sony Kindle" even more worthwhile to buy.

It should also be pointed out that the Sony Tablet S is a very powerful video game console as well. Being developed by Sony (the makers of the Playstation 3), one can only expect greatness in the video game aspect that surpasses other tablet computers. While you can access games available on other tablets through the Android market, there are quite a few games specific to Sony devices such as the preloaded games Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes. With beautiful graphics and great playability, the Sony Tablet S is certainly one of the best Sony Kindle tablet computers you can purchase.

A particularly unique aspect of this tablet computer is the ability to use it like a universal remote control. Now you can replace all of your other remotes, whether they be for the television, DVD player, BLU-RAY player, stereo system, or something else. This is certainly the way of the future, to no longer need to have several remote controls lying around the house. The Sony Tablet S is certainly a great product in this regard.

Of course, a major feature that easily sets this apart from most e-book readers, and even other Sony Kindle readers, is the ability to access the internet and browse at your leisure. I even know several people who own this product and have in many ways replaced the need to go sit at their computers because of it. With the internet, the ability to access entertainment is right at your finger tips.

A few other points to note with regards to this specific Sony Kindle product is it's ergonomic design. It has been hailed as one of the more comfortable tablet computing devices, even surpassing the Apple iPad. Also included is a 5 megapixal camera, which makes it great for taking pictures, videos, and even web chatting.

The Sony Tablet S is a great product to purchase. With a competitive price and so much functionality, I am not sure how you can avoid this great buy!  

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