There are two notable purposes for a travel mug. The first of which is to keep your coffee, tea, or miscellaneous beverage from spilling when you are in the care, walking around outside or in the office, or generally mobile. The second of which is to keep the temperature of your beverage in the appropriate zone. If you have hot coffee or tea you will want to have the best travel mug to keep coffee hot and if you are toting around a cold beverage you will want it to keep your drink cold.

So which mug will work best? Generally a stainless steel travel mug will best keep your coffee the right temperature however that is not always the case. The best predictor actually has to do with the coffee cups level of insulation as well as the quality of the travel mug lid.  Through all of my research this steel travel mug is probably the best travel mug you're going to come across today.

Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Travel Tumbler, Midnight Blue
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How Travel Mugs Keep Your Drink At The Right Temperature

Stainless Steel Travel Coffee MugTravel mugs and other types of insulated mugs work to minimize heat transfer from the inside of the mug to the outside world or vice-versa. The majority of heat loss in travel mugs designed for hot beverages like coffee occurs in the walls of the mug and the lid. If the walls are not lined properly heat will transfer to the outside of the mug through the wall and escape. Similarly if the lid of the mug is not secure not only will you experience beverage leak when the travel mug is tipped over but hot air will escape as well even when the mug is closed and sitting upright.

A stainless steel travel mug will definitely help keep your coffee hot but only if the walls are well insulated and the lid is designed to seal leaks. One good measure of how good your lid is to fill it with liquid and see if any escapes when you turn the mug upside down. Another is the feel the walls of a travel mug that has hot coffee in it. If liquid leaks out or you can feel heat through the walls then the mug probably isn’t the best for keeping your coffee hot for hours at a time. It may be pretty good but it’s probably not the best.

The Best Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

So which stainless steel travel mug is the best? This is always debatable and will change with time but recently I reviewed one of the best travel mugs for keeping coffee hot and you would be hard pressed to find a better mug n the market today. This mug is leak-free and has some of the best insulation around. There are obviously many similar mugs that may be worth your money but this mug has some of the bet customer reviews and it carries the name of the trusted Thermos brand.

Of course not everyone needs such a robust no spill coffee travel mug but to keep your coffee hot four hours at a time make sure you find a good thermal mug with a top notch lid and make sure the insulation is significant enough to keep heat from escaping through the walls. And remember, you get what you pay for. Sometimes the cheapest option simply isn’t well made and the best ceramic coffee mug won't be as durable. Reading through customer reviews can help you weed through the options and find the best stainless steel travel mug in your desired price range.