Baby Jogger released two brand new stroller designs in 2012. Both strollers are essentially variations on other strollers in their lineup but are differentiated in very important ways.

The City Mini GT

City Mini GT Stroller by Baby JoggerThe first major stroller release was the release of the City Mini GT stroller back in March of 2012 (see my review here). The GT stroller (and its double stroller version) was designed to be an enhancement of the original City Mini stroller. The main differentiating design element of the GT was to make a bigger stroller than the Mini which would be more comfortable for larger children and allow parents to go on rougher terrain.

This option is obviously not going to appeal to everybody out there which is why it didn’t replace the City Mini entirely. But for parents who like to hike or simply have larger kids and don’t care about the size increasing slightly the GT was a welcome product.

The City Versa

The City Versa Stroller by Baby JoggerThe more recent stroller release by Baby Jogger was the release of the (see my review here). The Versa was first introduced in the fall of 2011 and the ABC Kids Expo to a lot of positive feedback from attendees.

The Versa stroller is unlike the GT stroller in that it is modeled after the City Select stroller rather than the Mini. Similar to the GT however the Versa was designed to be a stroller better designed for larger kids. The entire stroller is bigger in seat dimensions but overall it is smaller and lighter than the City Select. The reason behind this is because it won’t allow for an attachment for a second child.

This is the main difference between the Select series strollers and the new Versa. The Versa is single child only stroller. It is however reversible, which is something that the GT and the Select strollers are not. Not only can the seat be rear or forward facing but it will fold no matter which direction the seat is facing.

The Versa stroller has four wheels to the GT’s three wheels. The Versa’s wheels are designed more for pavement rather than all-terrain conditions but all four wheels have high quality suspension making it a very smooth ride for both your passenger and your hands.

Which Stroller Is Best?

Which stroller is better? It depends. The GT is a cheaper stroller and it is more versatile in where it can go comfortably. The Versa is more expensive but it is better designed for very young babies and is reversible. In all actuality both strollers are very well made and are perfect solutions for certain types of families.

As a parent I would rather have the City Mini GT stroller but that’s just because I have an older baby and we like to go out jogging and hiking. If that weren’t the case then the Versa might be a better choice.

City Select Stroller by Baby JoggerAlso worth noting: The Versa is truly designed to be a one child stroller. If you have an older toddler or are planning on having a second child soon after the first then the City Select (pictured right) would probably be a better stroller choice for you. But even then, everyone has their own opinions.

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