Wall sconces come in all shapes, sizes, design, colors and styles. How do you decide what style to put on your wall? Historically sconces were candle wall sconces as that was the source of light available, and candle sconces are still popular today. However it is also possible to electric sconces and flame less sconces as well. So the decision process should consider what sort of light, where it is to be hung and the style.

Power or not

Will your sconce be electrically powered or by candle or by battery? That's it in a nutshell! If you are building or seriously renovating your home then putting the wiring in for electric sconces is very sensible and will not add much to the overall costs. Installing electric sconces after the wiring has been completed is very costly both in term of money and upheaval. You will most likely have to redecorate the room afterwards. On the other hand candle wall sconce can be hung just like hanging a picture. This requires minimum work to get the sconce in place. Candles can work well as a form of lighting dark in accessible places such as dimly lit halls, or for outside where the candles add to the mood you may want to create.


Where you place you wall sconce is very important. It can be neither too high nor too low and must balance the room. The height of the sconce depends upon the type. What type of wall sconce lighting do you need? If your sconce is for general room lighting then a minimum height of 5ft 6in for the base is suggested, this allows the light to reflect of the ceilings, but not be so low as too shine directly into the eyes. If you have rooms with higher ceiling then go up. If you using one candle sconce, then it is likely to be a feature that can be positioned wherever you choose on the wall. If you are using two or more sconces their position relative to each other needs to be considered. Two electric sconces should be placed so that they are balanced with the distance between them and the distance between the walls is the same. If you have other features on the walls you may need to adjust the positioning of the sconces to suit.


This is entirely a personal choice; if you have a theme to match then you could find a nautical wall sconce. Sconces can be made in many different materials - anything from rice paper to brass or wood to glass. An antique wall sconce can add style to a room, but a modern wall sconce may suit your decor better. I have seen wall sconces made to look like butterflies or real artistic creations. Outdoor wall sconces can be made of wrought iron and depict mythical creatures or garden animals. the range is endless and the choice is personal.