It's important to know which washing machine is best for you. Some people might just buy the one that is the most expensive or looks the best in appearance. They tend to forget about factors such as reliability and how effective can it clean your clothes. I know plenty of expensive washing machines that cannot compare to the much cheaper ones in terms of everything else besides the appearance. Sure, the cheap ones might look plain and ugly, but they get the job done. Here are things to look for when you are thinking about buying a washing machine:

1.) Before you go to an appliance store or make a purchase anywhere, always read reviews online. There are tons of online sites that review appliances. They are real reviews from consumers just like you.

2.) The noise level of the washing machine. Some people might not care since they do laundry in the basement or during the day, but some people might have the washing machine placed near the bedroom and do their laundry during night time. The noise level may or may not be a concern to you. If it does, then get the washing machine that is rated as a quiet washer.

3.) How effective can it clean your clothes? I've had washers in the past that did about 80% of the job. I expect a washing machine to clean my clothes 100%. It is sad to see that some brands do a very poor job in making sure that washing machines are in top shape before they are released to the market. If you see plenty of reviews of washers that are bad at washing clothes, then that is your clue to look at another brand.

4.) Does the company provide quality customer service? There are certain customers that give very poor quality service. Not only rude, but they also won't honor warranties most of the time. This leaves customers with a broken washing machine, expensive repair bills, and disappointment.

5.) How big is the tub? If you have a huge family, this might be a huge concern. If you are living with just you or somebody else, then you might just need a small washing machine.

6.) Are there any complains about water leaks? This is important as you don't want your house to flood. I have seen complains about brand new washing machines with water leaks.

Sometimes, buying washing machines can be such a headache. Many review sites will show you the top rated washing machines that are rated by by consumers so you know you will be getting a very good washer.