So, you want to know which web browser is best for you? You'll know by the end of this article.

THE OPTIONS- All browsers below are free and work for Windows

a) Mozilla Firefox

b) Internet Explorer

c) Google Chrome

d) Opera

e) Safari

These are the five favorite web browsers. There is no clear winner, so we'll go through each one seperately.


Started in 2004, Firefox is now the browswer for almost 1/3 of all internet users. Firefox has favorable reviews from most critics. It is fast, very customizable and uses relatively little system resources. You can choose from thousands of add-ins, but that many options can be daunting. The one major fault is if one tab crashes, the entire window crashes.

Internet Explorer

One great thing about Internet Explore is its universality. Being the most popular browser, Explorer is able to run most applications and software. Explorer also deserves credit for having excellent security. Unlike Firefox, if one tab crashes on Explorer, the other tabs open do not crash. There are also excellent tab features, such as color and size coding by date.

Tests have shown Internet Explorer to be slower than other browsers, particularly Firefox and Chrome. It consumes a large portion of system resources, and the installation time is long.

Google Chrome

The minimalist theme is something unseen in other browsers. Chrome has a simple interface that is great for navigating the web efficiently. There is a convenient Google search bar that also functions as the address bar. The browser is stable and very good at recovering after crashing.

The ad blocking on Google Chrome isn't too impressive. Likewise, the bookmarking system and number of options is a little skimpy. Keep this in mind if your looking for more advanced customization and options.


Opera is a speedy and lean system. It is a small browser, making it ideal for older computers. It also runs on more systems than any other browser.

For newer computers, Opera is slower than Firefox, so it's not the fastest out there. Like Chrome, Opera doesn't have any ad blocking. It also lacks private browsing.


Safari boasts a tidy design, a Google search field and high speed browsing. With Safari, your computer will also appear as if its an Apple product. Some may like that, others may dread it.

The features and security are just average and could definetly be improved.

The Overall Rankings
1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Internet Explore

4. Opera

5. Safari

These rankings were made based on features, speed, ease of use and support. Google took the number one spot for standing out in ease of use and speed. Firefox came a very, very close second with the best features, and also very good speed. Internet Explore had the best help/support, giving it third place.

That said, there is no "best" browser. It all depends on your purposes and desires. For some, Safari or Opera could be the optimum choice. Try a few out and decide for yourself. The world, for example, seems to like Internet Explorer (see below). Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment!

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