Have you ever wondered what types of eggs people eat? Which animals do these eggs come from? Do we only eat eggs that come from chickens? Here is a list of the animals whose eggs that people around the world eat.

Chicken Egg(88452)
Chicken Egg







1) Chicken

The chicken egg, seen in the picture here, is by far the most common type of egg consumed in the world. According to the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO), the number of chicken eggs produced in 2010 is 1,193,557,761,000 (or 1.2 trillion), while the number of other bird eggs produced is much less at 82,887,344,000 (or 82 billion). It is also the most common egg found in supermarkets around the world. 

2) Quail

Quail Eggs(88453)
Quail Eggs

 Quail eggs, seen in picture above, are smaller than chicken ones – they are smaller than a ping-pong ball. They are also relatively more common, compared to the other types of eggs. Their shells are speckled. They are also commonly eaten hard-boiled. 

3) Duck

Duck Eggs
Duck Eggs








Duck eggs, seen above, look similar to chicken eggs, but they are slightly larger. They have a higher level of fat than chicken eggs, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). They can also be found in supermarkets such as Waitrose (in the UK). 

4) Goose

Goose eggs are larger than chicken or duck eggs. They are high in cholesterol and fat, according to the USDA. They can also be found in supermarkets such as Waitrose (in the UK).

5) Turkey

Turkey eggs are larger than chicken or duck eggs. They are also high in cholesterol and fat, like goose eggs, according to the USDA.

6) Other birds

Other bird eggs, for example those of the ostrich, pheasant, emu, pigeon can be eaten, but they are much rarer – it might not be easy to find them in your neighbourhood supermarket. Even the USDA does not list the nutritional value of these types of eggs, unlike those mentioned above.

7) Fish

Black Caviar(88455)
Black Caviar







Fish eggs (also known as roe) are also commonly taken as food (either raw or cooked) in many countries around the world. The eggs of fish such as the salmon, sturgeon (whose roe is known as caviar, a luxury delicacy), herring and cod are consumed. This is quite common for example in Japan, where fish roe is often taken raw together with sushi. The roe of marine animals is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The above picture shows black caviar (i.e. roe of the sturgeon), while the picture below shows the roe of the herring.

Herring Roe
Herring Roe



8) Other Sea Creatures

Salmon and Sea Urchin Roe(88456)
Salmon and Sea Urchin Roe







Other sea creatures’ eggs are sometimes taken as food. For instance, the roe of the sea urchin is commonly consumed in Japan (where it is known as “uni”) and Korea, among other countries. The photo above shows a Japanese dish: a bowl of salmon roe (the red stuff on the right) and sea urchin roe (the brownish stuff on the left), with a blob of wasabi (horseradish) in the middle.