The Netherlands, also known as Holland, has a lot to offer for tourists and provides a number of interesting unique and attractive destinations. If you want to taste the Dutch lifestyle, make sure to go on a city trip and visit one of the main cities in The Netherlands.

Amsterdam CanalAmsterdam is without a doubt one of the historic jewels of Europe. In a compact area you will find a number of great attractions like stunning 17th century scenic canals, world class art museums like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, good shopping, trendy bars and restaurants with an international cuisine, the famous Red Light District and great historic and modern architecture.

Also make sure to visit the Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to Anne Frank who hid with her family and other people at the rear of this building behind a bookcase from nazi persecution.

A warning for tourists: a lot of people from Amsterdam commute by bike, using specific bicycle lanes, Stepping into these lanes without looking can be dangerous!

Contrary to Amsterdam, Rotterdam does not have a historical center due to the devastation in World War II by heavy bombings. The center of the city is internationally known for its modern design and architecture, a young and dynamic look and feel. Also famous is its port, one of the biggest ports worldwide and the biggest port in Europe. The boat tour of the Rotterdam Port is one of the popular attractions in this city.

Rotterdam is the centre of contemporary art and design and has a number of interesting museums like the Boijmans van Beuniningen museum, Kunsthal and the Maritime museum. Also the famous famous cube-shaped houses, designed by Piet Blom are worth a visit. One of the houses is open for visits. Don't forget to visit the Euromast-tower with a height of 185 metres. For the daredevils among us: until the middle of September it's even possible to do abseiling down the Euromast under professional supervision.

The Hague
The Hague is a classy and traditional city at the North Sea coast. It is the seat of the Dutch government and residence of the monarchy. The city offers a historic city center and a wide variety of attractions.
In The Hague, you will find the miniature city of Madurodam, which presents everything The Netherlands is famous for, but everything is replicated on a scale of 1:25. It's an excellent way to get to know the attractions The Netherlands is famous for.

If you're into historical architecture, then for sure the Binnenhof (seat of government) and Noordeinde Palace are not to be missed.

As an artlover, you can't afford to miss Panorama Mesdag, an enormous cylindrical painting by H.W. Mesdag. At 1680 m2, it's the largest painting in Holland and one of the largest in the world. Stand in the middle of this painting and it feels like you're back 130 years ago in the fishing village of Scheveningen, close to the Hague.

If you want to see most of The Hague in a couple of hours, then take the Royal Tour, where a guide will take you on a tour through the The Hague and will introduce you to the city and the royal Dutch family.

Utrecht is the geographical heart of the Netherlands with excellent road- and railway-connections. It has a historic center with beautiful canals.

Utrecht is a shopper's paradise. Shopping mall Hoog Catharijne is the most famous shopping mall in The Netherlands. The shops at the canals and in the historic narrow streets also have a lot to offer for the shop-a-holics.

Utrecht Dom TowerWhen walking around in Utrecht, it's impossible to miss the Dom Tower. This tower was built in the 14th century and is the highest church tower in The Netherlands. You can climb to the top of 112 metres and have a great panoramic view of the city.

Utrecht is host to more than 20 museums, with the Centraal Museum (art), the Rietveld-Schröder House (modern architecture), the Dick Bruna House (author of world-famous Miffy), Spoorwegmuseum (trains) and Museum Speelklok (instruments) as the most famous ones.
Delft - Girl with Pearl EarringDelft is one of the best-preserved historic towns in The Netherlands and well-known for its Delft Pottery. Must-visits during a trip to Delft are the Koninlijke Porceleyne Fles (Royal Dutch Delftware factory) are the Old Church and New Church. In the New Church you will find the tomb of William of Orange, who organized the Dutch revolt against the Spanish rule, which after the 80 Years War led led to an independent Dutch state.

Artlovers should take the Vermeer Trail, which is named after the famous artist Johannes Vermeer (The Milkmaid, Girl with the Pearl Earring) who was born in Delft and also painted in the city.