When looking for a new washing machine it can be tempting to go by price alone. After all, we all want to save a few pounds. But that might not always be the best decision. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and not only may a more expensive machine be more reliable, but it also might have better features too. When you're comparing machines to buy it's important that you look at a variety of factors before you make your decision, and whilst price is one of those factors, it's not the only one. Today we're looking at two best-selling washing machines from the UK market, the Hoover OPH714D and the Hotpoint WMUD843P. These are both great machines, and are both reasonably priced. But one of them is a much better deal than the other. If you want to know which one is best, keep reading to see exactly how they compare.


Given that many people already have a designated space for a washing machine with a water connection, it's important to consider the dimensions of the product that you're thinking about. You don't want to buy a machine and then find out that it doesn't actually fit into your washing machine space. Both of these washers come in with traditional measurements, which is around 85 cm high and 60 cm wide, meaning that they'll fit into most washer spaces.


The Hoover has a rather regular capacity of seven kilos, the Hotpoint has a pretty stunning nine kilos. The capacity of a machine is how much laundry you can put in at one time; higher capacity means that you can wash more at once, and therefore use the machine less often, saving on running costs. In this case, it means that the Hotpoint is a strong winner in this category, a nine kilo capacity is pretty big for a traditional front loading machine.


As with any electrical appliance it's important that you look not just at the initial cost of a washing machine, but also at the running costs, or how much it's going to cost you in electricity bills to run your machine on an everyday basis. Most electronics are given an energy rating, and the better the energy rating the less electricity the device uses, thus saving you money on your electricity bill. With these two machines, the Hoover gets a respectable A+ energy rating, but the Hotpoint gets an impressive A+++ rating. That means that it will cost you less in utility costs to run the Hotpoint machine than it will the Hoover machine.


Price is a factor, obviously, and these two machines are a little different. The Hoover retails at around £240, the Hotpoint for around £280.

Which One is the Better Deal?

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for, and in this case the more expensive Hotpoint machine is more than worth it. Because it has a bigger capacity, meaning you can use the machine less often, and a better energy rating, meaning that it will cost you less in utility charges to run, the Hotpoint is worth paying a little more for. You will more than make up for the extra cost with the savings in energy charges.

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