Which is the Best Bridge Camera: Which Bridge Camera

When you are considering buying a bridge camera, there is no doubt you will know a little about photography and how to use standard digital cameras. If you are just an amateur looking for a nice affordable bridge camera to take great pictures, you don’t have to spend thousands on your purchase. If your budget allows you to buy a professional camera, you will still need to figure out what to do with your expensive device. There are a lot of cameras available to beginners for under $100 or $200. As great as they might be, you will get very little control. Buying the best bridge camera in 2011 or 2012 doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you are aware of some basic things.

Which is the best bridge camera is a question that doesn’t take into consideration some important things about the user. Some will say that Nikon has the best bridge camera or that Sony or Panasonic are the best, but that doesn’t really mean much if all you want to do is point and shoot. The most important thing to consider when buying your appliance is the lens and the focal length of the device. That is because the lens of any camera plays an important part in giving quality crisp results.  Another feature that will help you determine which digital bridge camera to buy is the optical zoom that comes with your camera. The more you can get the better. That said, if you are a zoom freak, you will be better off buying a bridge camera with interchangeable lens. That said, some lenses can cost upwards of $500.

The fact that your digital camera comes with a lot of bells and whistle doesn’t mean it is the best for you needs. It can be annoying and a little daunting when you have too many features that you don’t use or don’t understand. This guide is not only about which is the best bridge camera but also a beginners guide to photography and how to choose a great bridge camera. Here are some features to look for:

Aperture Range: This is important in most digital cameras and being able to control the aperture range is a feature that must be expected in any device that wants to make the grade of the best bridge camera. The aperture range is measure in f1.4 to f15 (this may be lower or higher depending on the brand). This is vital for moments when you want to take a picture of the foreground without losing the objects in the background. A camera that will allow you to control the aperture range is a way to either blur or sharpen the background image. The higher you are able to set the aperture range the sharper the background. By the way, the higher the setting the smaller the opening and you also get reduced light hitting the image sensor.

Shutter Speed: The shutter speed control is important to choosing and buying the best bridge camera as it allows you to control how long light will hit the lens. This is measured in milliseconds and you will see things like 1/30 to 1/8000. The lower the ratio the slower the shutter will react and that will also mean that a slightly moving object will be blurred. If you use a higher ratio like 1/2000, a moving object will be captured immediately with crisp quality without blurring.

ISO range: This is important to have and you need to understand that the lower the ISO setting the better result you will get. When you have to take pictures in low light or indoors, you will need to increase the ISO range in order to make the sensor more sensitive. That said, the higher the setting, the more noise you will get in your photography. That is why it is always a good idea to use the lowest settings and find a better light source.

Focal Length: The focal length of your camera is an essential factor to consider when looking for the best bridge camera. You will see numbers like 24mm to 600mm. What that is basically telling you is the angle of view that the camera can capture. The smaller the number like 28mm, it will be referring to a wide angle camera which are great for taking landscape pictures or group photography. The range mentioned between 24mm to 300mm will allow you to use your camera in different situations like: portraits, wildlife, animals, etc.

Flash Memory Capacity: This is all to do with capacity and the more Gigabyte you can get, the easier it will be to enjoy taking a lot pictures. Most digital bridge cameras will come with 4GB to 16GB. That will be enough if you don’t spend most of your time film videos.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18K 18x Optical Zoom: There are many reasons why this is on the list of the best bridge cameras. There are times you will read reviews that it doesn’t have a hot shoe that will make connecting external flash possible. That might be true but you can compensate that with the great lens low light sensitivity you get. If you take your pictures outdoors, it will be difficult to tell that you are not using a digital single lens reflex camera. This is a $600 bridge camera that is worth the money.

Nikon Coolpix P90 12.1 Megapixel Bridge Camera - 24x Optical Wide-Angle (26-624mm): When you take a look at the specs of this appliance, there will be no need to ask, which is the best bridge camera? This Nikon digital camera is similar to Panasonic mentioned above in features and it will cost you $480 at Buy.com. If you want to go a little higher with a camera that is a little more expensive you can try the Nikon D5100 16.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - 18 mm-55 mm - 3" LCD - 3.1x Optical Zoom which will cost you about $800 but you get interchangeable lens feature with flash hot shoe.

Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR 16 Megapixel Bridge Camera: This is another fine bridge camera to consider and it will cost you $500. The 16 megapixel you get is enough for moments when you need to print larger photos. The Fujifilm brand is well known in the world of digital photography and you will definitely get a good product.

There are other offerings from other manufacturers like Sony and Kodak but the above will give you something to work with.

Which is the best digital camera? With the information provided above, you will no doubt be able to make a decision that will not only suit your budget but that will also make you happy.