Take a walk into most drugstores, grocery stores, or major discount stores (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) and head to the personal care isle. Here you will find an area devoted entirely to home pregnancy tests. You will likely find several different brands, single and multi-packs, and even different styles of pregnancy tests.

One look at all of the available options can be overwhelming. Some women will grab a popular brand name while others will scrutinize every word on multiple boxes before picking one that meets their needs. It is important to keep in mind that there are several different things that you can look for in order to pick the best home pregnancy test for you. As pregnancy tests can be rather pricey, it will be worth your time to do your research!

Home pregnancy tests are generally found in two different formats. There is the variety that indicates a positive with a plus sign, and there is the other variety that indicates a positive by the presence of a secondary line. There are a couple things to consider. Many women indicate that it is difficult to see the plus sign. It can be easier to just look for the development of a secondary line.

Pay attention to the size of the results window. In order to have the best chance of seeing the result of your home pregnancy test, pick one with a bigger window. Some brands have small windows that make it incredibly hard to properly interpret the result. You should also avoid buying home pregnancy tests in a smashed box. If the results window has been scratched or damaged, this could make it even more difficult to interpret the test.

Keep in mind that not all home pregnancy tests can be placed directly within your urine stream. Cheaper home pregnancy test strips must be dipped into a cup of urine that you have collected. Always pay attention to the exact style of the test you are purchasing!

The sensitivity of the home pregnancy test is very important. If you like to test before you miss your period, it will be important to pick a test that is highly sensitive. Even tests that are capable of detecting a pregnancy early may not always work for everyone.

Avoid tests that notoriously produce evaporation lines. There is nothing worse than seeing an evaporation line and thinking you are pregnant when you are really not. Most tests won't show an evaporation line until well after the testing time frame has expired. As always, never read a home pregnancy test after the testing period has expired!