Looking for a Great TV under Six Hundred dollars?

The more you're willing to pay for your TV set, the bigger it will likely be. That said, it is not necessary to buy the biggest television just to get a good home theater experience. There are a few factors that you need to consider that are not often related to the size of the screen.

Think about how great sound will enhance your viewing enjoyment. The sound that you get with most TVs will be sufficient but will not give you the same thrill that you might have experienced at the movies. In order to achieve that, you will need to buy a set of speakers and a receiver to amplify the sound. The downside to this is that you will need to spend more than $600 just to get your receiver and the speakers.

If you then add the price of your TV, your home entertainment theater will likely cost you about $1500. That is not a big issue for those who want the best money can buy. You might start to get return on investment when you don't have to spend money going to the movies. You can consider the following TV appliances that can be purchased for under $600 in 2012. 


Samsung - LN40D630

Samsung LN40D630 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

If you're familiar with computer tablets like the iPad and the cheaper alternatives, you will be familiar with the brand Samsung. If you want an affordable 40 inches full high-definition TV screen, this brand is worth your money.

This television comes with four HDMI ports, a USB port, a VGA connector that allows you to use the TV as a computer screen and it only weighs 30 pounds. For those who have a receiver and will like to connect their TV to external speakers, you also get an SPDIF interface.

This is a fully functional TV set that will come in handy for those want want to play console games and watch DVDs. You can purchase this set for $540 at greenteky.com



VIZIO E470VLE 47-Inch 1080p LCD TV - Black

For those who want a really big television set, this Vizio 47 inches screen will definitely attract your attention. It comes with the usual rectangular design that you will expect from a full high-definition device.

If you have always disliked the idea of having to use multiple remote controls for all the devices in your living room, you will be glad to know that this TV set is CEC enabled. This gives you the option of controlling other devices from a single remote control.

It also comes with VGA input, two HDMI ports, a SPDIF interface that will allow you to get surround sound from your receiver. It is also a rather lightweight appliance that will cost you $590 at Walmart and if you want a refurbished set, you can pick one up at TigerDirect.com for $480.


Toshiba - 46G310UToshiba 46G310U 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV, Black

This is another great device from Toshiba. It is a 46 inches high-definition television set. It is also not too heavy at only 43 pounds. It is not the most slim line television but it is still good at only 13.7 inches deep.

You get the usual VGA port, 3 HDMI ports, and a USB port. It'll make a great addition to any home entertainment or home theater design. You can buy this at Kmart for $580.