Current generation consoles all have something new and interesting to offer in the way of interactive entertainment. The Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii have their advantages in price, graphics or games selection and innovative controls, as well as disadvantages.

Playstation 3

The advantages of the Playstation 3 are twofold: graphics, and great games selection. In addition to being a console that can connect to the home PC or media center, the PS3 has a range of games from First Person Shooters to RPGS, for every age group and play style.

The disadvantages of the Playstation 3 are few. The biggest to date, is its rather high sticker price. Used, the console can cost $250 for the lowest capacity hard drive. New, the system can cost upwards of $300. Each controller, as with the Xbox 360, is about $50-$60 new or used.

Xbox 360

Graphically equal or near equal, the Xbox 360 is the next generations spawn of the original Xbox. Its exclusive titles are a sure advantage for those seeking unique and action-packed titles. Although less costly, with a sticker price of $200 dollars, the X360 comes with a wide array of issues.

To date, many X360 owners experience the 'red ring of death', which is when the console fails to boot up due to hardware or software problems. The manufacturers will not cover the cost of sending the X360 in for repairs, and Microsoft has hassled customers again and again, further marking the console with a bad reputation.

The hard drives available for the X360 are anywhere from 160GB to 250GB. A huge advantage for those seeking to download future titles straight from the Xbox Live service provided by Microsoft.

Nintendo Wii

Although not entirely advanced, the Nintendo Wii offers a unique, casual gaming experience unlike anything available with PS3 or X360 consoles. The Wii controller and various interface devices make for a real physical experience. While many games are intended for parties, the Wii has some traditional RPGs, First Person shooters and many others.

Its Wii controller can also serve as a mouse pointer on the screen, which is excellent for browsing the internet. Many retro games and other mini games are available through the download channel on the Wii, providing hours of new gaming experiences for young and old.

The largest disadvantage of the Wii is in its graphics and hard drive, i.e. the graphics are dated, and the hard drive is entirely missing, though that can be partly remedied with an SD memory card. Still, many titles in the future will require significantly more space, and more graphical power -- all of which is missing in the Nintendo Wii.


Current generation consoles offer a multitude of interesting and fun experiences. The Playstation 3 offers graphical horsepower and a games selection as wide as the Xbox 360's, while the Wii's simple game play makes it a perfect party system, it fails to live up to current, and upcoming graphics standards.