So which would you buy – a dumbbell set or a pair of adjustable dumbells? If you are looking to start training at home, as the gyms are becoming increasingly expensive then the first piece of equipment you should buy are dumbbells.
You don't need all these big fancy weight machines to get a good workout, whether you are trying to shape your muscles or bulk up dumbbells are the way to go. When you lift the free weight dumbbells your muscles are not only working hard to lift the weight but they are also working to keep the dumbbell stabilized. Add the fact your can perform over 100 exercises with dumbbells and with the correct form you can start shaping your body to how you want it.

Just looking in online stores you will see the numerous various dumbbells to buy and you will notice you can purchase some of them for a very cheap price. You will come across the two main types of dumbbells sets which are:

· Fixed Dumbbells

· Collar Dumbbells

The fixed dumbbell set is a selection of dumbbells that are a fixed set. E.g. 5lbs, 10lbs etc. For this type of set hey usually come with a rack to keep the weights together. They can take up a bit of space but they have the added benefit that you can switch weights quickly and easily during workouts.

The collar dumbbell sets come with 2 bars and weighted plates. You make the dumbbell by adding how much weight you want and securing them with either spring clips, spinlock iron age or ring collars. They don't take up as much space as the fixed dumbbells, however changing the weights takes a little longer having to add or remove the extra weight.

You will most likely find the collar dumbbell sets are cheaper buy but it's important to try them out and get a feel for them and see which one is better for you.

Now we come to adjustable dumbells which are a fantastic piece of equipment where you can quickly and easily adjust the weight of each dumbbell. They will usually come as a pair and a stand to sit them on and be adjustable from around 5lbs up to 55lbs. One of the most popular brands are the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells where you simple turn the dial to adjust the weight.
They are fairly expensive but if you are serious about working out then they can be a great inclusion for your home gym.

If I personally had to choose I would go for the fixed dumbbell set, like the ones you see in gyms. They do take up more space and quite expensive but I find them easier to handle and changing them whilst working out is far more convenient.