Prior to rushing into the purchase of your new freezer you will need to consider how much storage space you will require. This also mean deciding whether to buy an upright or chest freezer.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers are typically installed in a garage or utility room due to the fact that they will take up quite a lot of floor space. In addition you will need to allow space for the lid to open correctly. They have a far greater capacity than upright freezers and work best for larger households wanting to freeze food in bulk.

Upright freezers

Upright freezers are much slimmer than chest freezers and are usually situated with the rest of your kitchen appliances. It should be borne in mind that the likely position of a chest freezer may not be very suitable as it will not be in your kitchen. Also, though they sometimes contain a number of wire baskets, they have no internal shelves, making it more difficult to separate the freezer up into regions for different items. Upright freezers are therefore by far the more popular; the size you choose will obviously depend on the size of your household and whether you’ll do a lot of fresh food freezing or just need it for day to day convenience.

If you require a little extra freezing space or space is at a premium a compact mini freezer is worth consideration.

Integrated Freezer

Integrated freezers will have a front panel that matches the rest of your kitchen units, so when the door is closed, the freezer will be completely hidden. It needs to be noted that these panels will need to be bought separately from the freezer unit and will be available from wherever you purchased your kitchen units.

Integrated units are usually more expensive than conventional upright freezers. Some may feel that this is prohibitive. Their obvious benefit is that no one will know that they are even there.

Fridge Freezers

If you are either pushed for space or do not require additional freezer space, you could always opt for the most popular option and purchase a fridge freezer. These are usually the most viable option as they will incorporate both of your cold and frozen storage needs. These are usually more expensive than a standalone freezer but they can be all that you require.