If you are seeking unique furniture to add to a special room, a wooden table made from a recycled whiskey barrel is a very compelling choice. A whiskey barrel table can take many shapes and look anything from rustic to elegant, so regardless of the space you are decorating, there is suitable option available.

Whiskey Barrel Table Designs

You can find cask tables in a wide range of styles, making them a versatile decorating option. One thing that rings true of most of these tables is that is that there is no mistaking that they are one-of-a-kind and very solid. Since barrels used to produce whiskey naturally have a furniture-quality look to them, they lend themselves well to table designs.

Whiskey Barrel TablesCredit: Amazon.com/Wine EnthusiastOne of the most popular designs is a half barrel coffee table, where the base of the table is an authentic half barrel, and the top if made of wood or glass. These tables are as strong as can be and really show off the original design and curve of the wood, while a solid top is an extremely useful space in the room.

Higher table designs also tend to leave the barrels intact. A three-quarter barrel with a wooden top makes a nice side table where a bit more height is desired, while a full-barrel with a top makes a perfect bistro table or high bar-table, which works great surrounded by a set of bar stools. Even a full cask with no special finished top can make a really neat rustic addition to a bar area.

By flipping a barrel on its side and cutting it in half, a rectangular coffee table can be made with the rounded shape of the barrel at the base and a solid wood top. Some of these tables use heavy duty hinges on the wooden top to provide a useful storage space for blankets, board games, or whatever you want to keep handy next to the sofa.

Recycled Solid Oak Tables

One of the best things about using barrels from an authentic Tennessee distillery like Jack Daniel’s is that the oak gets a second life. A genuine oak whiskey cask is a well-built item that is made to last, and when its lifespan at the distillery is over, there is still plenty of life left.

Whiskey barrels are crafted to last for a long time, even when in contact with liquid, and they are very well made. However, they can only be productive for their originally intended purpose for a limited time, as the oak flavor useful for whiskey declines. That’s why these solid wood barrels are so often used in projects like furniture making or for planters.

Indeed, a reclaimed wooden table is good for the environment, but using this wood is no sacrifice. The excellent hardwood quality and classic weathered look makes the finished product look excellent and will add charm to your room.

Where to Place Barrel Tables

Because the designs are so varied and run the gamut from very informal to classy, a table made from repurposed barrels can be put nearly anywhere.

A coffee table looks great in an informal home theatre room or a quiet living room used for reading and having an occasional glass of wine. An higher table in the classic barrel shape is perfect for a home bar, an informal eating space, or even to use as a lamp stand or plant stand.

For another option, consider a three or four-season room or covered patio as the final resting place of your new piece of furniture. Since the barrels are very durable, they will even tolerate some outdoor element exposure, depending on the finish.

Because no two are exactly alike, whiskey barrel tables have a custom-built quality to them that never looks mass produced, and they add immediate character to any room. If you want to add a quality table that will last for generations and be a conversation starter, a whiskey barrel table is the perfect choice.