We all need chest of drawers to store clothes, bed sheets, and blankets in. White chest of drawers are a good purchase to make for your home. Especially if you're going for a modern look. The color black might not necessarily blend in with your home, where as white provides more of a natural and clean look to your interior look. Oak ones provide a traditional look to your home, but they generally are a lot more expensive. White blends in with just about anything. Most people choose the color white for their interior rooms, because it can be used for both your kids, and adults. One of the advantages of shopping online, is that you'll find a lot of furniture going for sale for extremely reasonable prices. You don't necessarily have to pay hundreds of dollars for nice, simple, yet eloquent modern furniture. Down below is a variation of different types of chests going for sale online. Some might cost more than others, but you should find something within your price range.

Four White Chest of Drawers for Sale

The Prepac casual white 4 drawer chest is your typical white chest of drawers that can be used to store clothes in. It's quite modern looking and simple. The color of white blends well for both kids and adults to use in their bedroom. The drawers, fronts, sides, and kickers feature a 5/8" thick laminated composite board. Two small round knobs are featured on each drawer. Built-in safety stops are included. Size dimensions include 30"W x 16"D x 32"H. You can find these modern white chest of drawers going for sale online at brands place. They're going for sale as under $100 dollars. A pretty good bargain, considering they can go well over $100 dollars. Four drawers provide enough capacity for clothes, shoes, hats, socks, and variety of other personal possessions of yours.

Prepac White 4-Drawer Chest
Amazon Price: $120.50 $108.69 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 4, 2016)

Cheap White Chest of Drawers for Sale

Cheap yet nice looking furniture in the color of white for shelving clothes and accessories can be yours for a low price. With just three drawers it won't cost much money. If you already have a big closet where you store most of your shoes and clothes, then small and cheap set of chest drawers is something to consider buying. The Mainstays 3-Drawer Chest is another simple and yet modern designed white chest drawer for your home. Three handle pulls are featured on each drawer. A perfect kind of chest drawer for kids, or for adults to store some extra clothes, shoes, blankets and bed sheets in. However, these aren't the kind of chest drawers that will store all of your clothes in. The dimensions are just 28" x 15" x 30". It's going for sale online at walmart for just $50 dollars.

If you want a little more room, then you can purchase the South Shore step one 3-drawer chest. Much more spacious and pretty cheap as well. The smart glider slides out, providing safety when using. Three metal handles are featured. The panels are made with recycled fibers. Not only is it a cheap, but you will find that its worth buying since you're covered. It also comes with a 5 year warranty. It's big enough to use as a home TV stand even. You can buy the South Shore online at places like amazon for deals under $100 dollars.

South Shore Libra Collection 3-Drawer Chest, Dark Chocolate
Amazon Price: $70.50 $41.06 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 4, 2016)

Tall and Narrow Chest of Drawers to Buy

Tall chest drawers can really come in handy, and are among the best to buy. They're spacious and don't take up much room, while still being able to store plenty of your clothes and shoes in. Some women might need their own just for shoes storing their shoes. Tall and narrow does cost a little extra money though. They aren't cheap compared to 3 and 4 chest drawers. A good one will start around a hundred dollars. Your standard tall and narrow 7 chest drawers will be a little more expensive. Online at amazon, the Prepac white 7-drawer lingerie chest is going for sale. 5/8" of thick laminated composite board is featured. The high density fiberboard provides a smooth slide when opening and shutting drawer doors. One knob is featured, and the chest drawer is design to provide safety. Prices are going for sale at a 15% discount.

Venture Horizon 6 Drawer Nouvelle Chest- White
Amazon Price: $181.23 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 4, 2016)

The Nouvelle Contemporary tall chest with 6 drawers in white finish is going on sale for just $99 dollars. This tall and narrow Nouvelle is extremely light and easy to move around. It only weighs 40 pounds and only requires 16 inches of room to store in your home. However, it still provides plenty of space to keep clothes, bed sheets, and blankets stored. Each drawer is 6.5 inches deep providing a little extra space. It's a pretty modern looking bedroom furniture that's suited for adults or teenagers to use in their room. You can purchase for sale online at ivgstores.