White Cottage Furniture for an Archetypal Rustic Look

White furnishing options are effortless, yet elegant. So you are able to create a comfortable and peaceful ambience for a house. They are available in common shapes, standard designs and nothing excessively gaudy or superfluous about them.

For people who choose to make a simple, yet subtle style statement with their interior décor, these ageless furniture sets are the best options. White furniture coupled with light pastel shades make for a complete cottage appeal.

White Cottage Furniture for a Farm House

Imagine a white bedspread with rose floral pillows and printed pastel drapes and perhaps a cream mantle piece thrown in for good measure. Have a window wide open to absorb the wonderful sunshine that seeps through the countryside.

white cottage furniture

This will work wonders for those who envisage a cottage in the lush green farm side away from the madding crowd. White acts like perfect fodder for the soul with more and more people looking to distress themselves with the color white amply around themselves. However, you this could happen in an apartment on the streets of New York City – it’s easy to imagine you are elsewhere.

Additional Considerations to White Cottage Furniture

Having a rustic theme involves two major aspects to ponder. You may want to go in for a completely neutral theme where every color complements the other.  This could like a completely planned piece of art. However, you could also go for colorful contrasts that make the place come alive. Invest in subtle and neutral colors, the timeless pastel shades, Gothic prints, floral designs and of course, multi pastel hued design themes.

It would come across as a novel theme if you throw in black and indigo into an otherwise laid back sleepy room full of earthy colors. Like say, a blue bedspread against a cream colored curtain with glazing red wardrobes or a mantel piece.

This would make the whole ensemble look funky and creative. If you invest in these kinds of bold patterns, you will manage to make your room look like an artefact set. Thus, white cottage furnishing is an added advantage to give your house that extra zing that it craves.

Redecorating with affordable cottage furniture

Cottage decor is one way of making your house more homely, and this can really bring out a lot of character and can turn a cold house into a comfortable home.  This gives it a unique style. At the end of the day, this is what you want – a home, somewhere to relax in after a hard day at the office.

Something with comfy cushions and inviting colors to set the tone sounds better staring at four blank walls. Choosing to go the trendy route doesn’t always do a lot for the character of a home.affordable cottage furniture

Probably the easiest way is to purchase your favourite wicker chair for your beach cottage home or a chest of drawers that would fit perfectly in your bedroom. You could head over to one of the speciality stores for this. Unfortunately this is also the more expensive way of doing things. To cut down on costs you will have to scout around the neighbourhood for the best prices.

Making your own cottage furniture accessories

Not everyone thinks of making their own cushions, slips covers or even a selection of pillow cases, but this is something that is quite possible with the necessary skills. If you are someone who is not keen on handwork then finding someone who will do this for you, will not set you back too much.

In terms of colors, popular colors to use would be that of cream, white and beige. If you wanted to add a splash of color then you would stick to pastels, such as lighter shades of greens, blues or pinks. Striped and plaid accessories always look good.

Finding cottage furniture at second hand shops and yard sales

There are a number of places you can find cottage furniture where you won’t have to end up paying a fortune. It may take some patience because you will have to hunt around, but that is also part of the adventure.  Places like vintages stores, antiques shops, yard sales and even flea markets offer good deals and you may be really surprised.

The secret is not to leave an item too long because things like these are picked up quickly. Sometimes you will find the furniture is not in the greatest of shapes, but there is always the chance to touch it up by giving it a coat of paint or varnish. You will definitely save a lot of money by learning to remodel furniture like this.