White desks are nice and blend in with most homes. White and black desks are probably the two most popular colors to choose from. Regardless of color, the most important thing is finding a decent cheap priced one for you to get some work done. Finding white desks under a $100 dollars isn't too hard when shopping online. You can find some small space savers that  can still allow you to store all your valuables, that won't put a dent in your wallet. A good white computer desk should last you awhile. Down below is a little bit of what you can find online. Small, simple, and cheap white home computer desks that can blend in with your home. White desks that will still provide you with the necessary room for your computer, or other useage for school and work.

Cheap White Desks to Buy

The Home Styles Computer Cart is one of the cheapest you can find online. It's pretty simple, and basically is just good for your laptop or computer. The caster wheels makes it easy to move. It's extremely small, simple, and reliable to use as a white computer desk for homes, offices, or for kids to get home work done on. It features a pull out computer keyboard shelf as well. It only weighs 65 pounds with dimensions of 30 1/4"W x 30"H x 19 1/2"D. Prices are going as low as $50 dollars online at meijer.


South Shore Axess Collection Desk, Pure White
Amazon Price: $99.99 $94.99 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 5, 2016)

White Corner Desks Under a 100 Dollars

White corner computer desks are a little harder to find under a $100 dollars online. Most cheap computer desks will cost slightly over a $100 dollars. However, on ebay you'll find that the white wood home work computer corner desk table is going for incredibly cheap price. It's very small and won't take up much room. It still provides enough room to store books, papers, and other accessories on this white corner computer top. It comes with a drawer and a shelf. It's not a bad computer desk for children or adults to use. Put it in the corner if you need some quiet time alone to get some work done, or for kids to do their homework. There are multiple sellers on ebay selling these for good prices. You shouldn't have a problem finding them.

Online at unbeatablesale.com you'll find a great deal going on the Venture Horizon mobile workstation White 1010. It features 4 dual caster wheels. Prices are on sale and going under a $100 dollars. It's a nice workshop white desk that can be used for multiple of things. It features 5 handy drawers on the side to store away office supplies. It's made from melamine. It opens 43 inch wide, but can fold into dimensions of 29"H x 19"W x 16"D.

Venture Horizon Mobile Desk/Workstation-White
Amazon Price: $168.26 $149.95 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 5, 2016)

White Corner Desks Slightly Overs a 100 Dollars

The SEO Computer Workstation White Corner Computer Desk does cost slightly over a hundred dollars online at cymax.com. However, it provides nice book shelves underneath and a computer keyboard tray. It's still one of the cheap white desks you'll find online, and a great space saver to use. It will store quite a few books and documents that you use for work or school. The desk itself won't take much space up in your home. A small table lamp with fit, along with a computer. The white corner computer desk provides plenty of room for you to work on.

Another cheap white computer corner that is going for just slightly over a hundred dollars online is the Bayside corner desk for just $139.99. If features a shelf closer to ground level, which will store plenty of books. A small drawer comes with it to store papers and work documents in it. The white enamel painted finish really brings out the look in your home.