White dresses have been popular for many years and are worn for many occasions-not just for wedding dresses. Ever since modern conveniences allowed for cleaning white fabrics, wearing white is no longer limited to the wealthy who could afford dresses that would be worn only once, then discarded.

White Prom Dresses

A prom is an elegant affair and a very important occasion for a young girl (and the mother who is helping her daughter choose the special dress.) White prom dresses are always in vogue and that is a good place to start searching for the perfect dress. Whether you choose a long dress or a short dress, white is most impressive if it flows and flounces. You definitely do not want a white dress to be clinging, as this is not a flattering look.

Wearing A White Dress

Most people can wear white, but it looks especially good on people with a tan or naturally dark skin, as the beauty of the skin is accentuated by white. People with skin tones that look washed out against white can still wear an elegant white dress by accenting with a bright colored scarf at the neckline and even adding a colored jacket.

We think of white as summer as it looks cool and refreshing. Fabrics for white summer dresses should be soft and flowing. Look for heavier cottons and linens. Some synthetic white fabrics are beautiful as well. When choosing a white dress, you should make sure that you cannot see through the dress. If the dress is lined, the problem of seeing the outline of your underwear is eliminated. A see through unlined white dress may require special undergarments to work. A good quality skin colored slip is a good choice. All other under garments should be skin colored, too. Also, a good quality white fabric is less likely to be see-through. A cool, flowing white dress will draw eyes your way as you stroll along the beach or attend a summer picnic.

White dresses are not necessarily only for summer, though. Heavier fabrics including soft wools are available for colder seasons. Winter whites are available. A white dress at holiday time is popular and attention getting. A white business suite with appropriate accessories is a good wardrobe addition.

Girl White Dresses

For special occasions, young girls are beautiful in white dresses. Whether it be for church, perhaps Easter, a birthday party, or a special family get together, a white dress that a girl can flounce around in will make her feel elegant. While a white dress is not practical for everyday wear for a child, it is certainly a good choice for special times. Choosing a good quality white fabric is the key element for the right white dress for a young girl. Unless you can afford a dress for a one-time occasion and know that it doesn't ever need to be worn again, you will want a dress that is washable. You also do not want a see through white fabric or a fabric that will cling to her body.

Vintage White Dresses

Vintage white dresses are popular. You might be able to find a beautiful one if you have access to your grandmother's closet or trunks. Styles from the twenties to the sixties are sought after. Unfortunately, most of us do not have access to authentic vintage clothing, unless you find them in a vintage store or a thrift store. Not to worry though! Vintage styles are being manufactured by contemporary companies and are easily found on the clothes racks of most department stores. Also, by searching vintage white dresses on Google, you will find numerous merchants carrying them.

BCBG White Dresses

Looking for a fashion brand that is storming the industry? A bcbg white dress fits into that category. The company is a one-man show. Max Azria is the designer as well as the founder and chief executive of the BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP. He was a successful, high fashion designer in France and decided he wanted to bring a good fashion line to America. He created a ready to wear line of high quality clothing that is priced in the contemporary price range. He also has an exclusive line that caters to celebrities.

BCBG White DressBCBG white dresses can be found in many retail stores, including Nordstrom's. Also browsing on line will give you lots of choices at a variety of price ranges. I found a very stylish bcbg white silk jacquard v for $60. A lot of other choices ranged up to $400.
Styles included white-layered cocktail dresses and flouncy, halter-top dresses. Catalogues are available, and a number of sources appeared on my Google search.

Short white prom dresses as well as long princess style prom dresses are offered by BCBG. These fashionable and adventurous styles will make a lasting statement and a memorable prom evening. These dresses run from $350 to $500.

White dresses can be elegant or casual, worn at any age. Every wardrobe should include at least one piece of white clothing.