Does White Duct Tape Really Exist?

Yes, white duct tape really does exist as well quite a few other colors.  Although white duct tape is not a popular as its black and grey counterparts, white duct tape is still highly sought after for many types of jobs in the field or just around the house.  You can get black or grey duct tape at any hardware store, supermarket, corner store or department store.  However, the white duct tape as well as red duct tape or other specialized colored duct tape has to be special ordered.

For the average person just looking for something to hold a chair together, plug up holes or repair gardens supplies the regular black or grey duct tape works well enough. White duct tape on the other hand is used mainly by people who have color coding and color matching specialized project.  Could be someone in construction or it could be an interior decorator or even someone who does a lot of arts and crafts. 

The white duct tape may be a little thinner than the other colors, but it sticks better to plastic  and rubber. It is very easy to tear compared to the other than white duct tape but it doesn't seem to be as strong.  This white duct tape applies well to rounded surfaces and the backings are also waterproof.  You should be able to get a clean removal from the white duct tape for up to 6 months so it will not stain those priceless surfaces.

The instructions for using the product is the same.  Make sure the surface areas are well cleaned with no oil residue and then use it as instructed or as needed.

3M 1060-WHT Scotch White Duct Tape, 1.88-Inch x 60-Yard, 1-PackCredit:

This particular Scotch White Duct Tape is available from Amazon.  The Scotch brand is highly respected as these products go and they prove to be stronger and more durable than the rest while still maintaining their artistic edge. 

So in short, if you are looking for something to plug up a hole in leaky pipes or do regular household or construction work, then the regular silver/grey or black brand will you well for you.  They seem to be stronger, sturdier and built for more heavy-duty work.  The white brand is for more detailed, artistic and specialized work.  So if you purchased the white brand by accident and wondering why it is not working as well as the grey/silver and black variety-this is why.

As an adhesive and or sealer you can't really beat it, because it can hold, seal or secure most anything. Still, it may prove effective to keep at least one white one in your home improvement or home repair kit just in case.  Interestingly enough, they make great flower petals, wallets and other great craft projects. You would really have to have an eye for art or a really good imagination to make such beautiful and practical things just from plain old white duct tape. As unimaginable as duct tape flower petals may sound, they are floating around out there and will make someone happy for years, even decades to come.