When you think of a white gemstone, you probably picture a diamond. While diamonds are brilliant & last forever, you may want an inexpensive alternative. You may be looking to replace your engagement ring or just find a genuine gemstone that goes with every outfit. Sure, pearls & opals are white, but not that sparkly. Here is how to wow everyone who sees your hand without spending a lot of money.

Be unique. A white gemstone doesn't have to be boring. If you can't afford diamonds then you might have more success going for different gemstones that will get more attention anyways. We see diamonds and cz's everyday so really the only wow factor comes from if there is a really impressive cut or the stone is really large. You can get a bigger impact just by going with a stone that isn't part of everyday wardrobes. Rutilated quartz is a clear gemstone that appears to have gold ribbons running through it. People will be grabbing your hand & asking "what is that?"

White Sapphire Earrings

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White Sapphires

Spend a little bit more money for something that will last. You'll probably wear this piece several times a week or even everyday. White sapphires are traditionally more expensive than a white topaz but still cost less than a diamond. Sapphires are pretty durable gemstones, so it's a fantastic alternative if you are worried that your piece won't last forever like a diamond. Sapphire is also the birthstone for September so you can get your birthstone in an unusual way.

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White Topaz vs. Diamond

Consider topaz. If you are looking for a diamond alternative that isn't a cz, go for white topaz. These often have fewer inclusions than diamonds. It's traditionally used as an accent stone but you may be able to find it as the focal point of a ring. White topaz is one of the alternate birthstones for April. The regular stone for April is diamond. A white topaz is a lot less expensive; you may even find it set in sterling silver. You may even be able to find it in larger carat weights where usually a real diamond of that size would cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Another alternative might be zircon. Zircon can be confused with cubic zirconia. Zircon is from nature; although it is usually heat treated & is only 6-7.5 on the hardness scale so avoid ultrasonic cleaners.

The more color a stone has isn't always better. Aquamarines are supposed to be blue, but sometimes they are so pale that they appear almost clear. You can find these stones for a fraction of the price of a diamond. This means that you can get a real piece of bling without breaking the bank. Aquamarines are popular in antique and vintage style jewelry. This is also the birthstone for March. When you buy a real diamond alternative gemstone that is also your birthstone you get the best of both worlds because you can wear the stone no matter what color your outfit is.

It's All in the Setting

White GemstonesCredit: Free Range Stock

If you want a right hand ring but can't afford one with diamonds then try sparkly white topaz set in a cluster design that will look like it cost thousands of dollars. The key to making a white gemstone look like diamonds is to keep it believable. If you show up with a huge ten carat rock on your hand most people will naturally think that it's fake. You can find high end settings in these gems in lower carat weights that will fool the eye into thinking it's a diamond. Remember to keep it realistic.White Topaz vs DiamondCredit: Free Range Stock

Depending on your budget and how your future fiancé feels about diamond alternatives, less expensive white gemstones may or may not have a place in an engagement ring or wedding set. If she wants a larger ring then ask her if it's ok to put diamonds on the band and the setting and then use a really large diamond alternative in the center. This is also a great solution if you've lost your ring and can't afford to replace it. You may also want to wear different bands or even engagement rings as your tastes change with the permission of your husband. You can do this without breaking the bank which gives you a chance to explore different ring styles, diamond cuts and metal colors. Most passersby will never know the difference.

One of the advantages to diamonds is that they really do last forever just like the commercials say. You'll want to consider where the white gemstone that you pick falls on the mohs hardness scale so that your gem doesn't get ruined with everyday use.

White gemstones can be cleaner and much less expensive then traditional diamond rings. You can wear them as an alternative to your birthstone or just because you don't want cz's. You can still get genuine gemstones that look like a diamond if you shop around and do a little bit of research.

Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cut Sterling

Fake it till you make it. A diamond cut is a way of cutting silver or gold to make it sparkle so much that it looks like it is studded with diamonds. When you buy a piece that has "diamond accents" but you can only find one or two with a microscope, they probably use this trick. This allows you to get the look of diamonds for a fraction of the price. You may also find that this is a better alternative if you are hard on your jewelry. These are simple pieces that you can wear everyday to add a little glamour to any outfit even if it's just t-shirts and jeans.

Make the setting the focal point. Many antique rings just have a small diamond chip set in a platinum or larger white gold square. This makes the whole piece appear like a large diamond. This way you can still get a genuine diamond in your budget but still has a piece with a large presence. The setting is also the place where you can make a white gemstone pop and be unique. If you have more of an edgy side then try looking for a diamond alternative in a snake setting. If you want an antique flair then go with rose gold for a softer pink metal that really speaks to the feminine look.