White healthy teeth are something people spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year trying to achieve. You can save your money and all the trial and error that can come with a lot of "whitening" products simply by following a proper care routine.

Here is what you need to do to keep those teeth white, healthy and keep your smile bright.

Healthy White Teeth

Brush regularly to keep your white healthy teeth cavity and stain free. Proper brushing is more then just dragging the toothbrush from tooth to tooth it entails using a small circular motion over the surfaces of all your teeth and gum line. You should brush after every meal and before going to bed for best results.

Floss regularly after every meal and/or snack to keep plaque, food and anything else from building up in those hard to reach places and marring those white healthy teeth.

Talk to your dentist about fluoride treatments and find out if they are right for you. Fluoride can help you keep strong teeth which can assist you in your goal of keeping those pearly whites healthy.

Follow a Healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and calcium rich foods and free of junk foods. – Hard raw vegetables are an awesome addition for their nutritional value but they can also help to prevent plaque build up which can help you keep white healthy teeth.

Avoid smoking which can turn your white healthy teeth yellow. Even with proper care of your mouth and teeth a smoking habit can still leave behind unsightly spots and weaken your teeth.

Limit your intake of beverages such as coffee and soda which can stain teeth, cause cavities and break down healthy enamel. This for many is their undoing and if you are one of those who just can not give up the coffee or soda but still want white healthy teeth then be sure to brush immediately after consuming your beverage.

When drinking a beverage be sure to take advantage of straws. Straws allow you to limit the contact between your teeth and the beverages during regular drinking which can help you to limit stains and maintain white healthy teeth. Habitually many people suck their beverages through their teeth or allow it to pass through their teeth – the use of a straw will protect you against this unhealthy habit.

Make sure you are going in for regular check ups at the dentist. This will allow you to catch and treat any unseen problems early on which can help you keep those white healthy teeth and bright smile.

photo by: sxc.hu/loleia