When it comes to shoes, white is a bold choice. White high heels are eye-catching and they certainly have the power to transform a regular outfit in a fashion forward one. There is a catch with shoes that are this color: you shouldn’t wear them on an all white outfit, unless you are the bride. They look much better on colorful outfits. White high heels – sandals, pumps or other types of shoes – are an interesting option, for daily outfits or evening ones. They are suitable for a nice summer dress and, in the same time, they can complete perfectly an evening dress. This article will definitely serve as your "dictionary of high heels" when it comes to choosing an amazing white pair!

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White High Heels – How To Pick The Perfect Pair6 Inch Sexy White High Heel PumpCredit: Amazon.com

They can be very elegant, and every woman should have at least one pair of her closet. White sandals are the most common type of white footwear, and are available online for super cheap– they look great on you, giving you a fragile, pure appearance. If you decide on white shoes or sandals, the outfit should be darker. A pair of these sandals look great matched with any dress color, except the same cloud-like color. You can add to the outfit a cream bag and belt, if you want to match the shoes with another element of your outfit. But, if you love the color, you don’t have to limit yourself to summer footwear. A pair of white high heeled boots are also a great option. Match them with darker tights, a dress and a nice coat, and you are ready to rock. White high heels work well with black tights: it’s the kind of contract hat makes you stand out in the crowd. So, don’t be afraid to take some fashion risks.

If you are out shopping for white footwear, follow those simple tips, for items that will look goon in any occasion. First of all, you should stay away from very bright, sThe Highest Heel White Platform PumpCredit: Amazon.comhiny color. If you wear them a couple of times, they will already look worn out, not to mention they are very difficult to match with other accessories. Ivory white and cream white are fat better choices. Also, make sure it’s good-quality leather. White footwear needs to be cleaned out a lot, and all that cleaning easily destroys bad quality materials. Another thing you should consider are the accessories. If you want to enjoy your white high heels, you should also buy the right accessories. An elegant purse or clutch and at least one matching belt are a must. If you are looking for some discounted pairs of shoes, be sure to look on Amazon because they have some of the best prices on high heels that are white.

White High Heels – Suitable For All Occasions

You wear white shoes when you want to feel like a princess. You wear them on yoLeg Avenue Womens White High HeelCredit: Amazon.comur wedding day, and you wear them every time you need to feel special. There are many types of white: ivory, silver, bright white, grey white. A pair of white high heels will bring freshness and, in the same time, class and elegance to your outfit. You can wear them in any moment of the day and in all occasions – work, parties, going out for a shopping spree. They are very versatile and they can be both casual and elegant. Next to a pastel business suit, they will complete the image of an elegant, yet creative lady. With an evening dress, they will make you look sexy and sophisticated. If you want to turn all the heads, match a pair of white high heels pumps with black tights and a short dress – the perfect outfit for a night out with your friends.

White high heels are very versatile items; they are perfect for summery, flowery outfits. In the same time, you can wear white, elegant boots or shoes during winter. They match well with the snow and you will feel like the Ice Princess while wearing them.

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There are some precautions you need to take with white footwear. First of all, don’t put them on if you are going to walk on the streets for hours. Every drop of dirt or dust will be obvious on them and they are very hard to clean. Keep them for your indoor moments. Once you get home, take your white high heels off and make sure they are perfectly cleaned before putting them inside the closet. Don’t leave them standing on the floor for days: they will pick up dust and they will be affected by the light, becoming yellowish and looking worn out. Always keep them inside the closet, in a box.