White kitchen design is a popular color choice for kitchens because of its timeless enduring quality. A white kitchen can be modern or country depending on the materials you use. Keeping with classic colors ensures that your kitchen will appeal to a wide variety of people and still be in style for the decades to come. White can even help a kitchen feel lighter and brighter.

Creating white kitchen cabinet doors is a diy project that can make a big impact. You can freshen up your existing wood cabinets for a remodel that has big impact. Go with bright white cabinets for a traditional or modern look. Try antiqued white kitchen cabinets for country or rustic design. You can continue the white theme by choosing white barstools and even a white floor for a monochromatic look. If you're worried about how the color white will hold up with kids choose white surfaces that are easy to clean like going with a laminate or stone countertop instead of tile and installing vinyl flooring or even painting your hardwood floors white.

An all white kitchen doesn't have to be boring. Use texture and lighting to really make the room pop. Invest in white kitchen furniture if your room is feeling dark. This is a good alternative if you want to keep your existing cabinet and countertop colors; just bring in more neutral colors such as white to brighten things up and make your room feel fresh and new. You may not want to make everything in the room white because you want a little bit of contrast. Try a wood kitchen island which will still read as a neutral in the room; the focus will still be on the bright white color. You can also invest in stainless steel appliances if you want a more luxurious look in your all white kitchen. Add texture and interest to the room by adding trim to your cabinets and invest in modern paper lighting fixtures over the breakfast nook. These are inexpensive and add a translucent, textural element to the room. If you're going with a white tile backsplash, make it interesting. For a Tuscan or traditional look find white tiles that look like carvings. If you want a basic white tile then go with a subway tile, which is rectangular instead of square. It's a way to use basic white ceramic tile but still have an different look, subway tile may even remind you of a vintage kitchen.

A distressed white kitchen can be cheerful while still having a sense of history. This is important if you want an all white kitchen in a farmhouse or older home. Look for cupboards that resemble old pieces of furniture and top them off with a butcher block countertop. Hang a white pot rack full of copper pots over the island for added color and storage in your space. You may even want to tear out some of your cabinets and replace them with a wood hutch. You can add beadboard as a backsplash to continue the white painted wood theme.

If you're working with white kitchen appliances a white kitchen design can save you from having to replace them. Bring in stainless accents on the range hood, knobs, appliances and faucets. This color won't stand out against a white background the way brass or oil rubbed bronze will. It's important to bring in some color in the space. Anything you put in an all white kitchen will really stand out. This can be as easy as investing in some vintage mixing bowls in various shades of cream, green, and blue. Put them behind glass cabinet doors to act as the spot of color in the room. It will become the focal point of the space.

If you're afraid of a theme kitchen then stick with all white. The color white is present in most themes but it will still help you keep things basic enough that you'll be able to sell your home later on. You can make a country kitchen by adding a farmhouse sink and focusing on the windows over the sink. Install white marble countertops and beadboard on the front of your cabinets for a subtle theme that still gets your point across. This is especially important with themes that are typically over the top so that your space is still useable without being cluttered.

The focus in a white kitchen will be on the view. You may even want to put French doors in your kitchen to allow more light in the space. This way your garden or deck will act as the artwork in the room. Make sure that you like your view before going with a white kitchen and clean your windows often.

You can make an all white kitchen elegant because crystals won't detract from the overall theme but will bounce light throughout the space. A crystal chandelier can make a basic white kitchen into something extraordinary. It says to the world that you have so much elegance that not even the kitchen is exempt. You can also add a subtle hint of pattern by white washing your cabinets so the wood grain will show through. A basic black granite countertop adds a durable workspace without being over the top.

Kitchen trends come and go but the color white is always prevalent. It can work with any design style or any lifestyle. You can use white accents in a kitchen to compliment a bolder wall color or create an all white kitchen for a serene, monochromatic space. You probably already have white in your kitchen; you just need to add a lot more so that the white is the focal point of the room instead of just a default color. This style focuses a lot on paint colors so it will save you money. Your color scheme will be the dramatic element in the room and you'll be able to skip trendy items that will quickly go out of style.