White Light Teeth Whitening, is it more than just a light?

With a lot of teeth whitening options nowadays, how could you determine? Your dental health is crucial, more so in reality that a few shades of whiteness from a teeth whitening kit so you need to be especially prudent while researching. There are various options from home teeth whitening remedies, which are essentially at no cost and a number of parts can be simply useable in your refrigerator or medicine chest at home to porcelain veneers worth thousands. The fundamental information you have to regard are: The health and general situation of your teeth and gums. The cost and swiftness of outcomes are also factors. There are options available online and from your neighborhood chemists. The article will report our experience with the White Light Teeth Whitening System and whether we believe it's worth it.

The Method

White Light's Teeth Whitening System uses gels and trays to take away the yellow stains from your teeth. The quality of the trays given leaves a lot to be desired. These trays are not custom fitted and you need to mess about with them a bit to get them into position before applying the whitening gel. Even when you do get it right you'll before long observe that the saliva in your mouth becomes mixed in with the tray and the bleaching gel, which interupts the whole process. The highly acidic nature of the saliva in your mouth neutralizes the bleaching agents, this is something to avoid if you're looking for optimal result.

Whitening Your Teeth

This might work good, once you're able to to get through this. The method is able to provide somewhat good results in short time. Something to hold an eye out for, the "white light teeth whitening" technique does accurately come with a light. A light does come with the kits, but you shouldn't get confused because unlike LED teeth whitening methods available nowadays, this light has no use whatsoever. A light is not essential as this whitening gel is chemically activated. Why they included this light in the first place is puzzling to me to utter the least. Be warned, buying this product considering the quality of the kit, particularly this light, would be a mistake.


With additional more equally priced teeth whitening products on the marketplace, White Light's Teeth Whitening merchandise do not equate in caliber and comfort of application. Continuosly playing with these trays to get them to accommodate. If you eventually grapple to get the tray on your teeth you then have to worry about the saliva mixing in with the whitening elements of the gel which dilutes the desired effectivity. Let's not fail to mention the silly light that comes in the packet, need I say more. There are products which are much more efficient on the market today. Those with custom-made fitted trays which do use light energy to trigger the whitening agents provide much better results. If you buy this system, please read the instructions and just forget about the whacky light. Visiting a certified Dental professional before you try any teeth whitening program is always advised.