Looking for the best pair of white women’s nursing shoes? White leather nursing shoes are usually some of the best types of shoes a nurse can wear.  It’s easy to tell when white shoes need cleaning, the leather makes for easy cleaning, and the best nursing shoes tend to be very comfortable shoes appropriate for both walking and standing all day long.

Ina addition to the standard thoughts on what makes a good pair of nursing shoes extra emphasis should be placed on the bridge of the shoe.  Most shoes have laces or even straps but slip on shoes can make cleaning far easier which can be especially important for nurses who may run into messes more often than not.

White Nursing Shoes For WomenThe Dove Nursing Shoes by Nurse Mates combines just about all features of a great set of women’s nursing shoes into one package.  They are white leather slip-on shoes with no laces on the bridge of the shoe to make cleaning complicated.  The leather is easy to wipe down and disinfect as needed and the shoe itself is constructed of high quality lightweight materials which make wearing them all day more comfortable.

A lot of nurses also need to place some emphasis on finding shoes which provide ample support from slippage and this means finding shoes with a good sole that will be slip resistant.  These shoes feature “lightweight steel shanks for lateral stability during” according to the manufacturer and soles with rubber insets for better traction and wear.  

Of course every person is different.  Not everyone wants white nursing shoes or specific styling but the underlying features of the best nursing shoes should usually be sought after by anyone in this field of nursing.  Finding shoes that meet a nurses specific needs is very important and Nurse Mates brand specifically targets those needs and addresses them/

This leather nurses shoe not only satisfies the needs of nurses but appears to really go above and beyond based on the reviews of actual customers, many of which work in the nursing field.  On Amazon past customers have the ability to write extended reviews of their purchases and the Dove Nursing shoes sport extremely good reviews.

Pricing shoes is probably one of the hardest parts in selecting the right shoes for you.  It’s easy to run over to Wal-Mart or PayLess and find a cheap pair of white shoes that you could use but the quality will always be suspect.  Many professionals find that buying the top quality is a far better in the long run.  The Dove Nursing shoes may be a bit more expensive than the cheapest options but they can be purchased for very reasonable prices on Amazon as well as many other similar stores in the $50-$70 range.