Most women have their own unique dress sense and choose the clothes they wear to suit this. However there are a few classic styles that look good on all and a white blouse is one of these. Blouses are a common style that many women wear and most will have at least one of these in their wardrobe.

The blouse has been a fashionable garment for a long time and the style has remained fairly similar over the years. The classic style is with a collar, buttons and long sleeves. However there are a few variations on this and blouses without collars, with short sleeves and with added detailing are common. This means most women should find a style that suits their dress sense.

One of the purposes of ladies clothing is to make women look and feel attractive. Using tailored details on a blouse can help with this. The use of darting and seams around the bust and waist can provide a closer fit in these areas and this can result in a more feminine look for the wearer.

Casual clothes are designed to be simple and comfortable to wear. Silk blouses for women can be ideal for this and in a plain style is something that can be appropriate for most casual occasions. It is a comfortable garment to wear and whether you are planning a day out with the kids or a date with friends it is an easy style to wear.

While formal party and evening wear tends to revolve more around dresses, a silk blouse with a longer skirt can also be an appropriate style. Blouses worn in this type of setting tend to be more feminine looking and there are a few details that can be added to achieve this. Embroidery is commonly used and this can accentuate the style of a silk blouse. Ruffles are another common addition to create a more feminine look. Accessories can also add to the overall look and ladies leather purses and belts can be used to good effect.

A dress suit for office wear will usually be matched with a blouse. For the comfort that they provide a silk blouse can be a good choice for this. While white is normally the color of choice, silk blouses in pastel colors can also be appropriate work wear. This can provide an attractive style that is also professional looking.

Taking care of a silk blouse is not difficult and as long as it is cleaned properly every so often it should last for a reasonable period of time. Keeping it folded rather than on hangers is a good way to store it. Dry cleaning can be more expensive but can be a more appropriate way to remove stains and dirt. However careful hand washing can also be used and as long as the manufacturer's guidelines are followed should cause the blouse no harm.

The cost you pay for a silk blouse will come down to your budget and your preference in clothes types. Off the rack silk blouses are not overly expensive and are available for less than $50. The designer end of the market will obviously be more expensive.