Not Too Many Choices

A smooth and gleaming black TV is nice for a family room, but say your type of decor doesn't quite fit with that sleek color most televisions come in. If you have an eye for interior design and want your family room to standout from among the rest, a white television with accompanying DVD player might be what you need. Televisions don't come in many colors, you'll mostly only see two: black and white, with black being the most predominate. Sometimes you'll find a gray television every once in awhile, but that's only black and white combined. The only issues with white televisions is that any dirt spots or blemishes will be easily seen. A black television can be left alone for years without absolutely needing a touch-up. You may every now and then need to clean the screen, but beyond that there's not much you need to do to improve its appearance. But if you're looking for a white television, here are a few highly rated on Amazon.

favi tvCredit: amazon

Favi Couture

Favi Couture offers designer electronics for those interested in their style as well as entertainment. They even have pink flat screen televisions for those who want to express their femininity. FAVI's 42-Inch white HDTV comes equipped with high quality 1080p resolution and a fast refresh rate so no motion blur issues should arise. It comes with a rotating stand that can be removed if deciding to wall mount your TV. And to keep in-line with the color scheme you get a white remote. Favi also has smaller white flat screen TVs with built-in DVD players to streamline your entertainment. Reviewers praise the image, sound quality and the awesome deal as it's been marked-down considerably.


Toshiba's 22LV611U is another white TV that's good for a kitchen or bedroom. It's 22 inches with a 720p pixel resolution. It's energy efficient with the Energy Star seal displayed on it proudly. You can easily hook up your PC and use the crystal clear LCD screen as your monitor. It has a built-in DVD player adding to it more value and can also play your Divx downloaded movies. Toshiba is a leader in the entertainment technology field and is often praised for great customer service. When they discontinued their HD DVD format after losing to Blu-ray, they still provided customer service for people owning HD DVD players even though they were losing money. They instill confidence to the customer with great tech support and quality products.


There are plenty of white portable DVD players out on the market. All your major electronics stores have white DVD player selections available. One company and product you might not have heard of is Viore and their PLCD7V2. It's a 7 inch portable DVD player with TV that'll play multiple formats as well as your MPEG4, MP3, JPEG and WMA media files. You get an antenna for TV reception, a USB port and a 3-in-1 memory card slot that you can view other files with.

Be Different

So if every electronic you've ever own had that pervasive charcoal black color, then maybe it's time to express yourself in a different way with a white DVD player or TV. And as I've mentioned before, pink is another popular color you'll see on electronic devices. There are pink accessories for electronics to further enhance your style if so desired.