Different types of watches to choose from

Choosing a gift for the man of your life

White Watches For MenRegal, stylish and neat - white watches for men are fast becoming a popular and trendy commodity these days. In fact, before and until the present day, white has become a steady color for men with fashionable taste.

White Luxury Watch For MenWhy not? White should definitely be a fashion staple in every man’s wardrobe with its effortless elegance. What is more, white can easily be matched with every outfit and can even flatter most skin types. The following list are the best white watches for men that you may want to consider. You will surely find the right watch to compliment your style and need.

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Michael Kors Men's MK8108 Oversize White Silicone Runway Watch
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Nixon The Rubber Player Men's Watch - White
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White or Neon BPM Calculator Watch?

What do you call a white watch with a large face with neon buttons, a small calculator and an emulation of a mini fader? It is definitely an urban chic with a taste for the futuristic functionality. BPM Calc Watch by Flud Watches is perfect for a street wear look with its intricate detailing and eigties inspired vibe. Available at Revolve Clothing, this wrist candy may seem very affordable for its fashion forward and statement worthy appearance. 

Lacoste 2010484Lacoste 2010484 White Watch For Men

Simple, sleek and classic are the best adjectives for this type of watch. The steel case, white face and leather strap can be worn to dress up a casual ensemble.  Available at Zappos, it is best to show off this accessory by pushing up your sleeves to achieve the cool preppy look.

Diesel Silicone Strap Round

You can’t get any more casual and laidback when wearing this type. The Diesel Silicone Strap is ideal for any guy who is always on the go. It is incredibly light, and features a strap that is silicone and textured. Available at Nordstrom, this watch is modern and compliments a casual outfit like the simple sneakers and jeans look.

River Island 

If you want attitude worn onWhite Watch For Men your wrist, then this one is for you. This type of watch includes an analog, shiny, turquoise features, while the thick white wristband levels it with its simplicity. For a fantastic, carefree style that can totally make you have an effortless look, simply wear this watch with rolled up pants and a pair of light toned shoes. Available at Asos, this watch is a rare find.

Nixon Time Teller P

If you are looking for understated simplicity that still stands out, the Nixon Time Teller P is a cool purchase for yNixon Time Teller P Luxury Watch For Menou. With its monochromatic, and no letterings design, this watch exudes standout simplicity at its best and is a great dig for someone who is also fuss-free. This type of watch is made out of high quality materials the malleable polyurethane. Nixon Time Teller P style is available at Urban Outfitters.

Start getting ideas on what to look for in a white watch by researching online, reading on watch magazines or simply visit your local department store to get the first hand feel of white watches for men. Just remember to always ask for assistance and you might just get great deals. Also remember to only purchase from a reputable brand and store.