A wicker chest drawer weaved as a basket are cheaper purchases than buying the old fashion wooden ones instead. There are a lot of small, tall, and extremely wide ones that you can buy and use as your bedroom dresser, night stand, and television stand. Some are available in five drawers that can give enough storing space to place all of your clothes, books, and other accessories of yours in. Wicker basket ares the way to go for a lot of home owners. They are lightweight and much easier to move. The color white provides a nice modern look to your home. White chest of drawers are very simple colors to choose from. They can easily blend into your home's style. Down below is a list of small and tall white wicker chest drawers to purchase for your home.

Three Drawers

Small storage dressers of that come in three drawers are space savers for better rooms. The white look is something most prefer to blend into their home decor. The only downside is that they can't be used really to store much clothing in. It's probably better to store most of your clothes in a closet anyways. You don't want your very nice shirts and pants to get wrinkled which often happens. Small storage dressers made of white whicker can be used to store underwear, shoes, socks, slippers, and under tee shirts in. It also makes for good storage for your late night reading accessories of your books and magazines that you like to read before going to sleep. Small storage wicker chest of three drawers also make for great furniture night stands. A fancy designed mirrored chest drawers might cost thousands of dollars for example, as where a white wicker chest of drawers might just cost a hundred dollars, or less even.

If you're looking for the ultimate small but cheap white chest drawers, then you'll find a great deal going online at oriental furniture. You don't have to purchase their natural fiber chest of drawers in white. Other popular colors like mahogany, mocha, honey, and black is available. It comes with caster wheels, but seriously, these are really light bedroom dressers that are not very hard to move yourself. It probably doesn't weigh anymore more than 20 pounds. Prices are extremely cheap and go for just $60 dollars.

If you're looking for white wicker chest of drawers that can keep you below $100 dollars, then online at amazon checkout the Oriental furniture 23" chest of drawers in white. Natural fiber woven construction is feature. It's very lightweight and versatile in appearance. These are very sturdy small storage drawers that are built for durability. Caster wheels are included making it easy to move by yourself. Shipping is also free when purchasing online at CSN stores. The woven pattern panels provide a decent amount of storage.


Oriental Furniture 23" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers - White
Amazon Price: $79.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 2, 2016)

The Visions three drawer wood & wicker chest is a very versatile piece of furniture. Another small storage dresser that can also be used as a living room, hallway, bathroom, or bedroom stand. It's not really a clothing dresser, because its rather small in storage. It's recommended for storing books, socks, T-shirts, and can be used for to store your shoes. It provides a white rustic country look. It's very simple and modern looking for your home. Prices are pretty cheap and go for a little over a hundred dollars online at smart bargains.

Five Drawers

Online at wicker ware house a beautifully hand weaved white wicker chest drawers can be purchased for around $300 dollars. That's still not a bad price for white bedroom dressers. It clearly makes for an ideal dresser for your bedroom or bathroom even. A glass top can be included as well. There is plenty of room for storing clothes, jewelry, towels, blankets, and sheets. It's very modern looking with its simple, yet splendid look that will blend in well with your home. It should blend in well with all kind of bedroom decor designs. The glass top costs an extra $30 dollars.

Online at wicker paradise you can purchase the cottage white wicker 5 drawer and one door dresser for a high price over $500 dollars. This really isn't your typical wicker chest of drawers. The drawers and door dresser features wood panels. The side panels features wicker weave designs, along with weave designs on the edges of the chest. The chest top can be purchased separately to match with this 5 drawer white wicker chest. The three drawers on the left hand corner can store books, CDs, and DVDs. The right cabinet door provides more room where you can store some home appliances, like cleaning accessories maybe. The two wider bottom drawers can store clothes, sheets, and blankets. It doesn't make for a bad television stand, living room chest drawer, or it can be used as your bedroom chest of drawers.

Oriental Furniture 37" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers - White
Amazon Price: $109.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 2, 2016)

Six Drawers

6 drawer white wicker chest drawers are a little harder to find, but they are available online. If you want practically a full sized chest dresser for a lot of storage, then the 6 drawer wicker double chest is one of the more beautifully hand crafted weaved wicker chest of drawers available online. They're very unique designs and a bit of an expensive product to purchase. Three drawers are available on each side. You can choose between white or whitewash. Dimensions included are 56 1/2"W x 34"H x 20"D. Prices are on sale and currently cost slightly under six hundred dollars. You can purchase online at net kids swear.

If those prices are little too high, then you can go to go antiques and purchase the Henry Link 6 drawer wicker chest for around $300 dollars. It's a tall and narrow wicker chest to purchase. It's definitely a space saver that can store plenty of clothes and other home accessories in as well. Dimensions include 55"H x 23"W x 18.5"D. The drawers are very spacious and come in dimensions of 5"H x 19"W x 15.5"D.

If you don't find what you like, then there are plenty of online stores selling white wicker chest drawers. You'll find a variety of different small, wide, and tall ones. For more on white wicker chest of drawers, then you can checkout online stores like ebay, amazon, wicker paradise, ivgstores, netkidswear, and walmart.

Six Drawer Dresser White
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(price as of May 2, 2016)