Wine - Weight Loss

The research is already pretty solid when it comes to the benefits of drinking red wine and maintaining and losing weight, but what does the science suggest about drinking white wine for weight loss?

There has been tons of research which has come out about red wine being consumed light to moderately. Most people who love red wine can readily quote you scientific facts on it being good for heart health and even the waistline. There was even a recent study which pointed to thousands of fit middle aged women and older who over time, put on less weight when they drank alcohol in moderation. Of course red wine, as this study suggested was the beverage of choice to keeping weight down, but the study also showed that white wine, spirits and even beer also had some benefit for fat loss

 Most people like white wine because it generally has a lighter and smoother taste. And so most people who enjoy this choice of alcohol want to know if there is any truth behind white wine for fat loss being effective.

 The answer is YES!

White Wine - Fat Loss

This is great news for white wine enthusiasts who also want to keep their weight in check. The study about red wine for weight loss generally transfers to white wine and weight loss as well- though to a lesser degree. The research came down to the fact that women who drank light to moderately were generally more active. Wine consumption was typically enjoyed right before activities like dancing or being at a bar in the evening.

 But What About The Facts Directly About White Wine and Losing Weight?

Since a 5 oz glass of wine only contains around 130 calories, it's even more interesting to note that a glass of Riesling of the same size, usually white and rather sweet only contains around 118 calories. This makes it still possible to lose weight if you are on a calorie restriction. Again, it's just really important to ONLY have a glass and to factor that white wine into your daily calorie bucket. And if you are able to keep good notes about one glass of white wine, you are sure to remain well within your guideline to still take off weight

White wine still contains some carbohydrates. One glass at 118 calories would be about 5g of carbs. So that means if you are trying to watch your carbohydrate intake, you'll still need to be careful as not to go overboard. Again, taking careful note and drinking in moderation is the key

Moderation AGAIN: Yep, I think we need to beat this drum a little more, to understand that white wine can stall weight loss if not consumed moderately. Wine, any wine, has the potential to retard weight loss because it is used as energy FIRST and not carbs or fats. So again, you can see how one glass of wine, particularly on a diet, should never turn in to three or four.

Other Benefits of White Wine and Overall Health

 Raising the lower “GOOD” cholesterol

Helping Reduce the Formation of Clots


Low Calorie White Wine for Losing Weight

Riesling= 1 glass and 118 calories

White Zinfandel= 1 glass 80 calories

Sauvignon Blanc= 1 glass 80 calories

Chablis= 1 glass 83 calories

Chardonnay= 1 glass 90 calories

Remember when consuming white wine for weight loss keep in mind that moderation is the key.