There are two things we could be talking about when we mention white wood beds. One is a bed made of wood, any wood, which is painted white. The other is a bed made from pine, which is sometimes referred to as 'white wood' because of its light color. These two types of beds are similar, but could not be said to be the same. They can, however, have a similar effect in terms of the impact on the overall decor of the bedroom. Lighter color beds obviously create rooms that are brighter. Many parents prefer to provide their children with white furniture, especially if their child is a girl, as white furniture can create an atmosphere of innocence and purity. Pine furniture has a similar, though less pronounced effect. It has the advantage of providing a more natural look, however.

You can find white wood beds at pretty much any furniture store that carries bedroom furniture, though dark wood beds will usually make up most of the bed selection. Oftentimes white beds are only sold in smaller sizes like full and twin, so you may have to look around a bit to find the white wood bed you want. One tip if you're shopping in a large furniture store like an Ashley Homestore is to look through their catalog for beds made by the company that aren't being displayed. White furniture is really much less common than darker furniture, so you may have to dig a little to find what you want. This is especially true if you are looking for solid wood beds- pine wood beds are the easiest to find, but a painted white bed might be a different story altogether. These are mostly made with manufactured wood like MDF and plywood, though the choice of wood won't really be as important as it will be concealed under the white paint.

Another strategy for getting these beds is to search online for wood beds for sale. Along with the normal mass produced beds, you may also find natural wood beds. The online selection will be much greater than what you could find in a store, just make sure the company can ship to you! This should be no problem in countries like the United States and the UK, at least for the time being when the realities of peak oil aren't yet being faced by most. Still, it could be possible to find cheap wood beds and discount wood beds online, so go for it!