Two tone engagement rings give you the best of both worlds. Sure you might like white gold now but who says that your opinion won't change with the trends? This might mean that in ten years you are stuck with a piece of jewelry that you don't really want to wear. However, it will be too expensive and sentimental to just replace.

You really might want to choose a two tone engagement ring if you don't know what color of gold your intended likes to wear. This way you really can't go wrong. Your girlfriend might not even wear a lot of jewelry if she wears any at all. This might leave you clueless when you go shopping.

Consider which metal color is going to be next to the diamond. White gold can make lesser quality diamonds seem duller. Yellow gold will really contrast with the stone so it pops.

You can find two tone engagement rings in all different kinds of design styles. For a vintage ring find a ring where the immediate setting is in one color and the rest of the ring is in another color. This is also a great option if you can't afford a large diamond because the setting itself is so special.

Sure, you might want a two tone ring but that doesn't mean that you have to go with a white and yellow gold combination. Instead try out rose gold. This is a softer shade of gold that looks a little like copper. You might be afraid to have an entire rose gold ring even if you love pink. You may feel that it won't match anything else in your jewelry wardrobe. You might even be worried about future jewelry purchases simply because rose gold is hard to find. Pair it with white gold to make a statement that you can easily match to platinum, white gold and sterling silver.

You don't have to go over the top on the two tone look if you are more into subtle designs. You may even be able to find a band that is one color on the outside and another color on the inside. This allows you to get your own personality on the ring while still being traditional.

Another reason you might want to consider a two tone engagement ring is if you can't decide on a wedding set. Traditionally the bride and the groom have the same color of metal on their bands. So what happens if she wants white gold and he wants yellow gold? If one or both of you purchases a two tone piece then you'll have a corresponding set and you'll both get what you want.

This look can also be subtle. The prongs on your ring may be a different color from the rest of your band if you don't want the colors of gold to be too noticeable. You can also use white gold near the diamonds on the band to give them a larger presence. If this metal color isn't anywhere else on the ring you may find that it creates an illusion of the diamonds being bigger then they actually are. You can also use yellow gold to highlight scroll work to really make it pop against a white background.

It's just a matter of preference as to whether you want multiple colors of gold in your ring. It usually isn't more expensive unless you are having the pieces custom made. You may even be able to find white and yellow gold rings discounted simply because they are so unique that they don't appeal to everyone.

Another area where this style is popular is on men's wedding bands. For a modern look find a plain piece that has stripes of both yellow and white gold. Gold accents can also dress up a plain tungsten ring without breaking the bank.

If you want a wedding set you'll have fewer options with these styles. Often you can mix and match an engagement ring with a wedding band of the same color. With a two tone ring you'll need to match the same pattern so it fits together in perfect alignment. So shop for sets and make sure that you love both of the pieces before you make your purchase.

You might want a ring with a low profile depending on your profession even if it bucks the traditional prong setting. You can use different gold effects to make your ring special. You can even find patterns that express your hobbies but are still sophisticated enough to use everyday. Look for a ring that has a wave pattern made out of different patterns which are especially appropriate for a beach wedding.

You might be afraid to try different metal types because you only get one engagement ring in your life. You want to play it safe and traditional right? If that's the case then change things up on your wedding band. The main color can correspond to your engagement ring. However, you can also bring in rose or yellow gold or even both. As long as the band also has the same color as the engagement ring it will look like a set. This allows you to show off your personality and you can also wear all kinds of jewelry with your bridal set. You can find patterns that look like basket weaves or show off your heritage with a Greek key design. You can also find bands with vines and roses on them for a more feminine or antique look.

Consider the stones you'll be using to really highlight both the metal and the gem. You'll often find rings where a yellow diamond is highlighted with yellow gold to really make a distinction and make it pop. This way the color change seems intentional instead of like you accidentally bought a poor quality stone.

Choosing a bridal set is an important decision that your future wife will have to live with for the rest of your lives. Pick a ring that is versatile and can work both now and into the future.