There are many people with yellow teeth who seek a way to whiten teeth at home cheap to prevent the expensive dentists costs. Especially for people with free time, but short on money this do it yourself treatment can be a solution.

Please note you should always consult your dentist before trying out any home-made teeth whitening remedies. The explained system is an alternative to professional whitening techniques.

Whiten Teeth at Home Cheap

Is it possible to whiten your teeth at home? Yes it is. Typical ways to bleach your teeth don't have to be really expensive. With the right amount of time you can be assured of a set of white and bright teeth. And the cool thing? The stuff needed for bleaching are probably in your kitchen already!


  • Hydrogen peroxide. As it is known hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair and clothes, the question does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth is also answered with a yes!
  • Baking soda.
  • Small bowl. To gather the mixture!
  • Flavorful mint or toothpaste. All for the taste!
  • Toothbrush. As you always need a way to apply the mixture on your teeth.


Mix two or three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with two teaspoons of baking soda in a small bowl. The thickness should resemble the consistency of typical toothpaste. Add a little bit of flavorful mint to add taste. You can use a small amount of toothpaste for this as well.


Use a toothbrush to apply the mixture and leave it for a couple of minutes. After the waiting, brush again with regular toothpaste until the bitter taste of the hydrogen peroxide is gone. Make sure not to swallow the mixture and if you do, drink lots of water.

Remember to always consult your dentist or even a doctor before trying such things. When you have gingivitis, cavities, open sores or any other gum problems, your gums may look pale for a short time.

You can apply the paste around once a week on your teeth. Applying it more often won't have any effect.

How Your Teeth Are Whitened at Home

Because you are applying hydrogen peroxide, your teeth will be bleached, but how does this work? The hydrogen peroxide actually breaks and the oxygen will go into the enamel of your teeth and the color will be made lighter.

Bleaching is one of the many options. Laser therapy is another solution, although you cannot do this from your home. This is a quick way though to whiten your teeth as this could be done within an hour already! Laser therapy is always applied by a dentist. The dentist applies a whitening gel on your teeth, together with a shield to protect your gums. The following laser will fasten the chemical effect of the gel, therefore it is that quick.

With the home made way your smile will be white for a while, but please know things like eating and smoking always make it worse. The advice is to stop smoking and brush your teeth a couple of times a day!

Hopefully your smile got a little bigger as you now know a way to whiten teeth at home cheap!