There are several natural methods to whiten your teeth that you never hear about on TV. With these methods you will no longer have to drive all the way to your dentist for teeth whitening. Not to mention your dentist will charge a hefty premium and the methods are not so savory either. The method used by most dentists, it may be the only method you can get at a dentist, uses tooth bleach. There is a high demand for a method for whitening teeth naturally. These methods are also usually safe tooth whitening methods. How white your teeth are will never be more important that your overall health.

Tooth Bleach is highly corrosive and may destroy the enamel on the teeth overtime, this would be even worse than having teeth that are a little off color. There are also potential problems you may get from the commercial products. While there is no argument that they work, in fact some work very well, these kits, strips, gels and other systems may also contain bleach. Some may even contain other chemicals that could equally damage your teeth through exposure. Even worse is the damage they could do to your other tissues. Chemicals can be especially damaging to the delicate tissues under the tongue because these areas are very good at absorbing substances. This is why many drugs are taken by dissolving them under the tongue. While sleeping there is no saying the chemicals in that strip will simply stay on your teeth, it will likely seep onto your gums and other soft tissues in your mouth as well.

There are many reasons to whiten your teeth. You may simply want to look a little more attractive. After all those yellow spots and brown stains can be a little bit unsightly. One of the first things people notice about you will always be your smile, therefor it is important to leave a good impression. Obviously this can effect multiple parts of your life. Such as your relationship with your coworkers, the way you are perceived during a job interview, and most importantly how your potential love interests perceive you. It is also important to have nice white teeth if you are in a job where you have to present information to people often. For example if you are a public speaker or maybe even a famous singer having discolored teeth can have nothing but a bad effect on your overall image.

There are a many natural methods you can use to try to whiten your teeth. These include things like cutting down on smoking. The smoke will slowly rot the outer layer on your teeth. This isn't to mention the other bad effects smoking can have on your mouth alone. Smoking can also be detrimental to virtually every other part of your health. Just quiting can greatly change your life for the better in many areas. This isn't to mention how much money you could be saving. Other vices can be detrimental to the color of your teeth. Coffee and certain kinds of dark tea will not have good effects on the color of your teeth. Both of these are notorious for staining your teeth with ugly brown marks. Also, avoid fluoride. A lot of water in the United States has roughly 1 part per million fluoride in it right out of the tap. Some studies have even shown that fluoride can also be detrimental to your health. One of these includes making you docile. Nazi's used to use fluoride in the drinking water of their concentration camps to make people feel less like fighting or trying to escape. Obviously they used significantly more than the amount we use in the water in the United States to help strengthen teeth. Other studies have shown that even small amounts can lower the IQ of a developing child permanently. Aside from avoiding fluoridated water you can also avoid tooth pastes that have fluoride in them. While fluoride has been known to strengthen teeth it does absolutely nothing for the color and could even arguably harm other parts of your health.

You can also do the obvious things like brushing and flossing twice a day and seeing your dentist often for a teeth cleaning. You can brush your teeth and floss after you get up, make it part of your morning ritual, and again right before you go to bed. It might even be a good idea to get a gum massager, which can help you clean up the plaque. It is a good idea to schedule a tooth cleaning twice a year. It is important to note that dentists use methods for whitening teeth naturally during a tooth cleaning. They only clean the teeth, and do not use chemicals or other substances to actively whiten the teeth. Dentists may also give a fluoride treatment along with this. You can choose to have it, just remember what it could potentially do to your nice white teeth.

A healthy diet will also help keep your teeth nice and white. A healthy diet that include lots of raw vegetables and fruits can be extremely beneficial. Salads are a good idea, and you should also consider avoiding fast food. Better eating habits such as eating meals rather than snacking all day will also help. It is also important to drink lots of fluoride free water every day. This can help you keep your mouth clean.

Several foods can help keep your teeth white. One of these foods is strawberries. However you do not want to eat them. You can mash them up and then brush them onto the teeth and let them sit for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to rinse your mouth out really well afterwards. Another effective fruit is oranges. You want to use the inside of the orange peel. This can be rubbed strait onto the teeth. Whitening teeth with fruit is definitely my idea of a natural way to whiten teeth.

There are many methods nature has provided us for whitening teeth naturally, it is important to try them before trying dangerous chemical treatments.