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What is tooth mousse?

Tooth mousse is a milk protein cream which you apply onto your teeth over night. Tooth mousse gets rid of blotchy yellow and white spots, sometimes often caused by flourosis. It is particularly useful for people who have braces and are developing strange white and yellow patches on their teeth.

Whiter Teeth in 2 WEEKS.

Who prescribes tooth mousse?

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Dentists and orthodontists have recently started to distribute this product to their patients, particularly those who are starting out with dental treatment and do not wish to have discoloured teeth. However not all dentist's give them out, as it is a fairly new cream developed in Australia. In fact, only 1 out of my 5 dentists has suggested the cream to me, proving how not many dentists are yet up to date with this new product.

Science behind Tooth Mousse:

Tooth mousse is a milk protein cream, doing WONDERS for your entire mouth. It will protect your teeth in numerous ways by penetrating the surface of the enamel within the first few minutes of application.

1) When this milk protein gets beneath the enamel surface, it will remove underlying stains or at least even out the yellow and white tones. This is particularly useful for those with fluorosis.

2) Tooth Mousse is designed to make you salivate and decrease the acidity inside your mouth. All the sugar and decay within your mouth build up an acidic pH, meaning faster erosion of teeth and enamel. With tooth mousse, the acidity is reduced drastically meaning your teeth will not dissolve away from sugar and acids.

3) Milk protein kills bacteria and stops teeth decay, and will probably used in the future to halt tooth decay and even reverse the need for fillings! I am beginning to test this on my own teeth and have noticed that the decay in my teeth have halted.

How to use Tooth Mousse

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To apply tooth mousse, you can either follow the instructions or follow my dentist's advice. Using your finger, squirt out a pearl size of paste and apply on your back teeth first, making sure to get into all the gaps where tooth decay occurs.
After your back teeth is done, apply more to the front of your teeth to improve their appearance.
Finally do the bottom row of teeth.

Try to let the paste sit on your teeth for 1-3 minutes, then simply leave it in your mouth overnight. Tooth mousse is digestable and will not harm you in any way (unless you are lactose intolerant.) If you have too much saliva in your mouth, spit out. DO NOT RINSE!

See visible results in 2 weeks!

Who uses Tooth Mousse?

Elderly people who have weaker teeth and enamel, and are prone to having dry or acidic saliva. People who have fluorosis also use this product to remove white and yellow blotchy discolouring producing a whiter, smoother and cleaner look to their smile.

Why has no one heavily advertised tooth mousse?

Because currently tooth mousse is not considered a teeth whitening product, and is aimed at the elderly or people with fluorosis. Tooth mousse is a medical product designed for people with braces or saliva problems. The strange thing is, Tooth Mousse is probably the best natural whitening agent for teeth even if you don't have fluorosis or braces!