Whitetail deer hunting is a tradition in many ways. Man hunts for food to feed his family. These day, men, women and children are all enjoying the sport. It serves useful purposes to everyone, keeping insurance costs down by population control, stimulating the economy with sales, and provides an opportunity to donate food to project venison or a local food pantry. Whitetail deer hunting has come a long way. If you want to get into whitetail deer hunting this year, here's how you can do it.

Different ways:

You can enjoy whitetail deer hunting with a rifle or a bow. Both methods have their plusses and minuses, so you may want to experiment with both seasons. Typically the bow seasons will last longer than rifle season, so you can fit more into your busy schedule. Rifle season is typically later in the year, and only lasts for 1-2 weeks depending on the state you live in. Whitetail deer hunting has many rules and regulations to follow.

Hunter's Ed:

Most will need to complete a hunter safety course before they can go out whitetail deer hunting. The courses you are required to take will vary by state, but most will be about 15-25 hours in length, spread over several days or weeks. The safety programs have really made the woods much safer during the season. Whitetail deer hunting has become a much safer sport due to these types of programs. In many states you cannot buy a whitetail deer hunting license until you complete the required courses, no exceptions. Many have grandfathered in the older generation, but some still choose to complete the course.


You will need to purchase a license for whitetail deer hunting. The cost will vary a lot by state. Each season, bow, rifle, and in some states, muzzle loaders, will require a separate license. Those that shoot them without a license are poaching. The penalties are very stiff.


To begin whitetail deer hunting you will need to wear the appropriate clothing. Many states have specific regulations which will vary. Most states will require the use of blaze orange for rifle season. In Wisconsin, for example, your upper body must be covered with at least 50% blaze orange. The hat must be at least 70% blaze orange. There are no rules regarding pants, boots, or gloves. The more orange you are wearing , the more visible you will be to other hunters. Whitetail deer hunting is dangerous, so taking appropriate safety precautions only makes sense.

Where to go:

There are several areas where you can enjoy whitetail deer hunting. Many states have land open to the public. You will be able to go and hunt on this land, free of charge. There are a few catches with this. You cannot make a permanent stand. Temporary stands and blinds are typically okay. You also typically cannot take an atv out with you. This makes dragging the animal out of the woods much easier. Whitetail deer hunting involves some hard work.

You can also enjoy whitetail deer hunting on land deemed "MFL OPEN." This is actually privately owned land that is opened up to hunters. The land owners do this in exchange for lower property tax rates. This program has opened up much area for whitetail deer hunting.

You can go whitetail deer hunting on private property, assuming you have permission, or are the owner of the land. Many avid hunters simply ask farmers and land owners for permission to use their land during the season.


You will have a little better luck whitetail deer hunting if you use stands. You can use tree stands, blinds or ground stands. Be sure it's legal in your area before you build one of these stands.

Permanent tree stands: These are typically made of treated lumber and are nailed or screwed into the trees. They are sturdy when made properly and get you off the ground, so you have a better line of sight. The bucks and does are also a little less likely to spot you.

Temporary tree stands: These are just as they imply, temporary. They can be carried in and out of the woods with you each day of the hunt. Some are held with straps, others with chains. Some are heavy, some are light. Generally they are a little more wobbly and smaller than the permanent stands. They are still a great thing to use for whitetail deer hunting.

Ground blinds: You can increase success by using a blind when whitetail deer hunting. You can just used downed logs and branches to make them. You simply make a structure that will cover up your body. It's sort of like making a fort.

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You may want to experiment a little with some cover up scents. You will find plenty of them out there to choose from. You can use doe in heat urine, buck urine, fox urine, and plenty of other cover up scents. Whitetail deer hunting can be more successful when you use these types of products.

Some people like to use deer calls and antler rattles when whitetail deer hunting. Some hunters prefer not to use them. When used properly, they can be very effective. It's really more of a personal choice than anything else.

You may be able to put out food piles, like corn or salt licks for whitetail deer hunting. You need to check your local regulations. Some states allow this, some don't. Never make assumptions about it. If it's okay in your area, you should start baiting about 2 weeks before the season. Leave enough food each time, so you can limit the number of times you have to go into the woods.

Be quiet. Whitetail deer hunting is a sport of silence. When you are quiet, you will be amazed at what you can hear in the woods. On a calm day, you can hear a leaf hit the ground from many feet away. Imagine what the animals hear.

Whitetail deer hunting is a great sport. It allows families to spend more time together. It allows hunters to spend some great time outdoors, and enjoy nature. It allows you to get some exercise and fresh air. Try whitetail deer hunting, you'll love it.