Whitetail deer hunting is a nice sport. It's come under attack lately from the animal activist groups, but it plays an important role in population control. In this article, I'm going to explain a few of the reasons why whitetail deer hunting is a tradition that must remain intact.


Many people just don't understand how important whitetail deer hunting is to control the population of the animals. Each year DNR services collect data about herd populations, which are then used to set certain regulations and rules about whitetail deer hunting. They come up with things to promote more animals being harvested, like the earn a buck programs out there. This is done to control the population. Here are some of the benefits to humans and the animals when it comes to whitetail deer hunting.

1. Humanity: It's a proven fact. Without whitetail deer hunting the animals will starve out. Many claim that there is plenty of food in the woods, but this is an uneducated argument. These animals will make trails though the woods. In the winter, they don't stray from the trails, even when hungry, in most cases. This is because blazing a new trail consumes more energy than they can get from finding the food off the trail. Whitetail deer hunting provides a much cleaner, more humane death than starvation.

2. Crop damage: Each year farmers lose tons of crops from damage caused by these animals. The result is increased prices at the stores for anyone doing their grocery shopping. Crop damages also mean insurance companies need to pay the farmers their claim, which in turn, raises the future cost of crop damage insurance. Have you ever wondered why there are so few family farms these days? Why do we now get more of our food outside of this country?

3. Car insurance: You'll find that the insurance companies are paying out big bucks each year for car accidents with these animals. In areas with heavy animal population, you will hear jokes about them being suicidal. They will run right out in front of a car they can see at night. This is because they are scared by the shadow caused from the headlights, and then they run. Your car insurance rates are kept in check because of whitetail deer hunting.


Why is it that we are so quick to throw away our traditions in this country? Hunting for whitetail deer, and just about any other animal, was the way people fed their family. Without this activity, nobody would have lived before the advent of the store. Whitetail deer hunting is a tradition in this family, in our country, and in the history of mankind itself.


Beyond insurance costs, there are many economic benefits to whitetail deer hunting. The amount of money hunters bring to this economy each year is staggering. Take a drive down a rural area during the season this year. You will see every business with a welcome hunters type sign. Every store out there will sell something used for whitetail deer hunting. Even gas stations get in on the act with orange and camouflage hats and other odds and ends.

The regulations set forth have made whitetail deer hunting fairly expensive. You have the cost of the guns and ammunition. You have the cost of blaze orange or camouflage jackets hats and boots. You have the money spent at a restaurant for lunch break. You need to buy food to take out in the woods with you. You buy a license, with supports other wildlife interests. The money spent for whitetail deer hunting season is unbelievable, and it keeps people working! Take a look at the big box retailers like Wal Mart in your area when whitetail deer hunting season nears. You'll see sections of the store designed just for the merchandise they need to hunt.


One of the best benefits of whitetail deer hunting is family time. In a world where family time is much more scarce than it has been, this is incredibly important for our society. I was able to hunt with my father and grandfather years ago. This year, my oldest will be able to hunt with his father and grandfather. Hopefully this will last for many more seasons. Whitetail deer hunting is more about family time than killing.


Why is it so terrible for a person to get food for his family through whitetail deer hunting? A good sized doe will weigh about 120 pounds field dressed or more, depending on where you are. Once cleaned, this provides somewhere in the area of 40-50 pounds of clean, healthy, low fat meat for the hunter's family. Those that have more than they need often donate meat to project venison or the local food pantry. How does this make whitetail deer hunting bad? It doesn't. Whitetail deer hunting provides families with food to eat. The hides are used to make clothing items, like gloves.


Painstaking measures have been taken to make whitetail deer hunting as safe as possible. These days you need to take a hunter safety education course, which teaches safety. These programs are wonderful, and they ensure a safe hunt. Each year hunters are killed in the woods. The statistics are somewhat inflated, as heart attacks from dragging the animals out of the woods are included in the statistics. In addition, those that fall out of deer stands, or suffer freak accidents are included. The number of hunters actually shot by a stray bullet is very low. Still, it is one of the main things you can come up with to knock whitetail deer hunting. Safety is getting better, thankfully.


I hear this argument against whitetail deer hunting every once in a while. It's not natural for the animals to die this way. This is a weak argument. Is it natural for homes, skyscraper, highways, and schools to be built in their homes? Is it natural for buffalo, sheep, chickens, and turkeys to be raised for slaughter? There's little of nature that's natural anymore. It's not because of whitetail deer hunting.


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