Follow These Deer Hunting Tips To Help You Fill Your Tag

With all the information floating around out there about deer hunting, you'd think a beginner would have no problem filling their tags. Yet in most states, the success rate is still below 30%. That means that 70% or more of the hunters out there go home empty-handed! So why is this? Here's a few deer hunting tips to help you get ready for the season opener in your neck of the woods.

First off, one thing I'd suggest is getting a good topography map of the area you're hunting. What I do next is take a black sharpie and trace out every road on the map. If there are parking areas, I mark those also. I then start looking for the largest tracts of land without any roads and focus my attention there. What I want to do is get out early on opening morning and let the crowds push the deer to me. Look for funnels in these areas and get set up.

Probably the most important tip I can let you in on is to practice with your weapon. Every year countless hunters miss their one and only opportunity to harvest a deer. Or worse yet, they wound it and never find it. Practice from a variety of distances and from many positions. This will help you be ready when that one opportunity presents itself.

A deer's nose is so much better than a humans. That's why it's so important to try to defeat a deers number one defense. Forget about all the production scents on the market today. They're all hyped and very few work. You can make an effective scent killer with distilled water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Another highly effective scent killer is wood smoke. It kills scent producing bacteria and keeps new bacteria from forming. It's as simple as starting a campfire and hanging your hunting clothes in the smoke and then sealing them back up in a plastic bag. This will beat the pants off anything setting on a store shelf!

Finally, you need to get out and become familiar with your hunting area. Choose a few areas and get to know them like the back of your hand. Don't do this a week or a few days before season opens. Do this in the late Winter when snow is on the ground or in Spring. My best scouting has always been either when snow was on the ground or during Turkey season. I also put treestands up this time of year. Be sure to check with your State's game laws before doing this.

Hopefully these deer hunting tips will help you. They're simple but very effective when used properly. Good luck and be safe out there!