WhoNu Oreo Style Cookies

Can a Cookie That Claims to be More Nutritious Actually Taste Good?

WhoNu Cookies
Credit: WhoNu

So there I was in one of my least favorite places, the grocery store. I was tasked with a monumental challenge, finding food that my amazingly picky son will actually eat. As a loving parent, one of my basic responsibilities is keeping my child alive. This can be a hard process since left to his own devices, he would try to subsist on ring pops and ice cream alone.

My second task is to make sure that he is not only alive but healthy. This can be even more of a test since his determination to avoid healthy food can be stronger than mine to make him eat it.

One of the things my child will eat is Oreo cookies. Now, I love Oreos, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. He would eat them non stop if I let him. So you can imagine how excited, if not cautiously so, to find an alternative Oreo claiming to be healthy. If I could get hime to swap out the Oreos for this, wouldn’t that be grand!

The box says all manners of wonderful things: “As much vitamin E as a cup of carrot juice,” “as much iron as a cup of spinach,” “as much vitamin C as a cup of blueberries,” and on and on. This could be the answer to my prayers!

So how does it actually stand up to the vaunted Oreo in nutrition when comparing labels?

Sugar- WhoNu has less.
Fat- WhoNu has less. (not by much 13g vs 14g)
Sodium- WhoNu has less.
Protein- Tie
Vitamin A- WhoNu has more.
Calcium- WhoNu has more.
Vitamin D- WhoNu has more.
Iron- WhoNu has more.
Fiber- WhoNu has more.
Vitamin C- WhoNu has more.

Ok, so looking at the nutritional chart is is pretty obvious. The WhoNu cookies do in fact have more nutritional value. That’s all well and great, but if the kid won’t eat them, then it doesn’t matter. My wife can tell you that I have been down this same road with other food items over the years, only to be thwarted every time. From healthy peanut butter to chocolate soy milk, my win/loss record is abysmal.

So I did a taste test myself. Side by side, I tried the Oreo vs the WhoNu. Sample after sample, I ate cookies. Boy, did I eat some cookies! My conclusion was that the taste was nearly identical. The texture was only a little different. The WhoNu just feels a little more crunchy. I didn’t even notice at first, but after a few I could tell. Still, if I weren’t eating them side by side, I might not have even noticed.
So far so good. But how well would they past the test with the child? The next day, I packed his lunch box as normal. I felt a lot like I was in an instant coffee commercial from the 80’s when I secretly substituted his regular Oreo’s for the WhoNu cookies. I eagerly awaited the results of my experiment.

That afternoon when he got home, I asked him if he ate his lunch. Yes, was the reply! No complaints, no questions about the cookies. That’s great, I thought! Still, I was cautious. Sometimes it takes him a couple of tries before he declines the new thing. So everyday for the past week, I have dutifully filled his lunch box and everyday it comes back empty. In fact, the “feaux-rios” are being eagerly consumed. Who knows, the WhoNu just might have helped me increase my score!

I do have one complaint about the WhoNu. Their packaging is absurd. They come in a plastic tray, inside of a plastic sleeve that opens from the side requiring you to slide the tray out to access the cookies, that all comes inside a cardboard box that gets thrown away. They could do a much better job.

As a bonus, the WhoNu cookies actually cost less than the Oreos. I would be willing to pay a bit more for a more nutritious cookie, but fortunately, I don’t have to. I can say that I will be buying them again in the future, and give them a hearty thumbs up!