Who are the Better Writers, Men or Women?

This is a subjective question that will only get a subjective answer. You will have to analyze this from different perspective in order to be able to reply with a taint of objectivity.

Cars: Cars are a male thing and who better to write about cars. In this category men do a better job.

Babies: Women are better with babies and children in general and will write better articles about "How to baby…"

Sex: Men might be more obsessed with sex but women will write better about their experiences. Mostly how under-performing most men are.

Agony Aunts: This is all about feelings and who better to deal with this? Women of course.

Sports: Sports is dominated by testosterone and men just can't get enough. The messier the better. Look up the word hooliganism (That is a male invention).

Novels: The most famous writers are men in my not too humble opinion. The readers are women but that is a different story.

Religion: Taking the lead in religion is mostly a section dominated by men hence, they write more about it. Take the bible for example, 40 men in total and not a single woman.

Computers: It's like a toy and men rule when it comes to gadgets. Take the new iPad for example, the most buyers are men and they are the first to write about their experience.

Wedding Dress: With regards to this, men don't stand a chance. Weddings and everything associated with it is a female domain. You would be forgiven to think men are never present during the ceremony

Blogging: Women write more but the best blogs are owned by men. This has not been scientifically proven but it's not incorrect

Newspapers: Men!

Magazines: Women

Food: I am not sure why women are better writers when it comes to food but that is the case. When you think of it, the best chefs in the world are men.

Vacation: This is mixed and I would go for a 50/50 on this one.

Health: Even though women make up a very big percentage of people working in the health sector, they are not the better writers when it comes to health.

War: Writing about wars and other crimes has mainly been the task of men. There are also women in this field but men rule. Well they start most of the wars and would easily brag out their accomplishments.

Space exploration: When it comes to Star Wars, Star Trek, Star whatever, men cannot be beating. They are more passionate about it and are more likely to write about it.

Conclusion, who are the better writers, men or women? My subjective heart tells me to analyze the above information and declare MEN the winners.