In the modern world we live and work in, there have been many advances made in the area of tools to help us make the most of our time. These tools, while designed to make our jobs easier, also act as cost effective means of streamlining our building processes for nearly every type of industry known to man. Power tools, are used in home construction, industrial construction, in factories, and all types of small businesses all over the world. This means that virtually anyone, in any type of business that builds or manufactures any kind of product we use on an everyday basis, can benefit from some type of power tool.

In the industrial world of manufacturing, air tools are very popular. Many factories and industries have found that pneumatic tools last longer than their electric counterparts. These tools run on compressed air, which in most factory settings is either routed from a giant central air compressor, or from several smaller ones placed throughout the factory. This allows many different work stations to be connected to the air supply, thus allowing more workers to have access to the tools they need to perform their job.

The home building and remodeling world also makes use of air tools. Many contractors use air powered nail guns to build the frame work for homes, and other buildings, as well as trim nailers, which run on air, to do the finish work. Many contractors also make use of cordless tools, such as drills, sanders, and gas powered nail guns to perform different tasks. These tasks may include hanging drywall, sanding down a doorframe, or framing in a new window.

Another group of professional laborers, who use power tools, are mechanics. They make use of many pneumatic tools, including ratchets, impact wrenches, and die grinders. These tools are used in many different tasks around the shop. Impact wrenches are often used to take the lug nuts off of a vehicle, so that tires may be rotated or changed. The air powered ratchets are designed to be used in tight spaces around motors and transmissions, where there isn't room to swing the handle of a traditional ratchet. The die grinders are often used to sand down parts that do not fit perfectly, or to remove wear rings from parts that have rubbed against each other.

These are just a few of the people who can benefit in their daily work life from the use of power tools. You may very well find yourself in one of these fields, and probably already understand the importance of these tools in your workplace. Please remember that you are the one most responsible for your safety with these tools. Your choices to operate them safely may affect the well being of others, as well as yourself.